Evening R-Weigh group marks holiday season

SALEM — The Evening R-Weigh group met Dec. 9, with the meeting being called to order by Rosemarie Martinez. Eugenia Tullis lead the R-Weigh prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Members sang the song “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.” Sharon Bigalow prayed for family and friends. Patty Pim gave the treasurer’s report and told a joke.

Peggy Kurtz inspiration was on ” Freedom of Choice.” “Everyday we are required to make choices: when to get up, when to eat, and how to approach the day. Many of our choices are major decisions about what road we travel in life. Each new day and every new situation is a matter of victory or failure. Sometimes minor choices have major consequences. My choice and my behavior are mine and mine alone. Only I have control of what goes into my mouth this week. Oh be careful little mouth what you eat!”

Dec. 2, the day of the party, drawings were held on Dec. 9. Can Do awards were drawn with Raeann Sanor the winner of $2. Goalie of the week was Patty Hartman and Janel Anderson. Calorie Chart winners were Birdie Reinhart, Andrea Lujan and Rosemarie Martinez. Goalie winners were Patty Hartman, Rita Cecil and Peggy Kurtz. Those losing over Thanksgiving were Andrea Lujan and Birdie Reinhart. Goalie losers were Sharon Bigalow, Vicki Knizat, Linda Lude, Lisa Smith, Rita Cecil, Ruth Miller, Jessie Rea and Eugenia Tullis.

There were 26 members that weighed in on Dec. 9, with a total of 14 pounds lost for the week. The Good Loser in Group 1 was Patty Pim. Honorable mentions were Rhonda Moffett, Marian Doerr, Rosemarie Martinez and Colleen Wafler. Honorable mention was Judy Smith, Peggy Biller, and Birdie Reinhart. Goalie Good Losers for the week were Sharon Bigalow with Linda Lude and Vicki Knizat as runner up. Losing four weeks in a row was Eugenia Tullis and Joan Schafer. Losing over their birthday was Nancy Stryffeler,

Calorie Chart Winners were Cathy Schafer, Colleen Wafler and Judy Smith. Goalie calorie chart winners were Jessie Rea and Rita Cecil. Cathy Schafer was the winner in the regular Can Do Contest so it will be $2 next week. The winner in the Goalie Can Do contest was Eugenia Tullis and Rita Cecil.

Rosemarie’s toolbox was on other ways to get delicious water. “It is a long, hot summer so you reach for a refreshing glass of cucumbers. That is right, cucumbers are mostly water. Here are some fruits and vegetables that contain a high amount of water: apples 80%, tomatoes 95%, strawberries 91%, watermelon 91%, cantaloupe 97%, spinach 91%, zucchini 95%, celery 95% and cucumbers 97%.

Birdie Reinhart is collecting money for Operation Blessing until Dec. 16. The club will be matching the girls’ donations.

Members are encouraged to wear an ugly sweater for fun on Dec. 16.

On Jan. 6 the group will pay for calorie chart and losing over the holiday $1, this is for all members; must be a pound or more.

Starting Dec. 9 the group will meet in the chapel until around March 1. There will be no meeting Dec. 23 or 30. The group will resume Jan. 6.

New members are welcome, weigh ins are from 4:45 to 5:45 p.m with the meeting starting from 6 to 7 p.m. Monday evenings at the First Friends Church on Jennings Avenue.

For information call Rosemarie at 330-840-9234 or Linda at 330-547-2071.

WB Lady Ruritans hold Christmas celebration

NORTH GEORGETOWN–The West Branch Area Ladies Ruritan Club met Dec. 9 at Middle Sandy Presbyterian Church. The ladies from the church prepared a meal for 16 guests. The group played a guessing game about “Frosting the Snow” and the ” Christmas Story.” Joann Pinkerton won a prize. Then the group sang Christmas Carols.

The club women made cookies for Homeworth Firemen, North Georgetown Firemen, Knox Trustees and Columbiana County Workers and were delivered.

The club’s next meeting will be Jan. 20.


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