Afternoon R-Weigh marks holiday season

Afternoon R-Weigh member Anna Kurtz won a handmade throw during a game at the group’s Christmas party. (Submitted photo)

SALEM– The Afternoon R-Weigh group met Dec. 2 at the Salem First Friend Church for the yearly Christmas luncheon. Everyone weighed in and then were surprised with fresh veggies, dip, pepperoni and assortment of cheese and crackers to nibble on until the party was ready. Before entering the Christmas room everyone made a guess as to how many pieces of candy were in each candy dish, giving the person who guessed the closest without going over a chance of winning. When ready to eat members all joined hands around the table as Rachel Weaver said the blessing.

The meal was prepared by Chef Mike Cranmer, also owner of Mike’s Penn Ave Grille. The food consisted of shaved roast beef in a beef sauce, chicken calabrese, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans, tossed salad with sliced Italian bread and butter. For dessert the group had Cassada cake made by Cranmer’s mother, Sandy.

Each lady brought a $1 and $10 gift for a game that exchanges the gifts. Each lady takes a number, who ever had number 1 was the first person to choose a gift to open from all that were brought. Number two had the choice of taking a new gift or taking the gift from number 1. Number 3 could take a new gift of choose one that was already open “stealing the gift,” if a gift is stolen, the person who’s gift was stolen can then take new or steal another but not the one that was just taken from them, after everyone has a gift the person with #1 can choose to steal any gift that was open. Which they did. The gift that was stolen the most and won by Ann Foust, was a bench with antique type items placed on it.

There were several other games that were played. In between the games, the group’s own Mrs. Claus, Judy Catlett, passed out candy canes to the ladies while dancing and singing to her musical Santa hat.

The tree game was a new one. Each person chose a gift tag off the tree (not being able to see the number) there was one number short and it had a star. The group started with number 1 and went through the numbers until everyone had a gift and then that person was able to get the “special” gift, a handmade throw.

Mrs. Claus (Judy Catlett) passed out candy canes to the ladies of the Afternoon R-Weigh group. (Submitted photo)

A few of the gifts were purchased by R-Weigh, and the majority of the “tree” gifts were donated to the ladies from Pizza Joe’s and from Papa John’s. All of them were for free and buy one get one pizza.

Several poems were read. Rachel Weaver’s sister wrote the following poem giving thanks to the ladies.

R-Weigh Support Group

We’re a group of caring ladies… things in common we all share…

Every Monday finds us meeting here, we open with our prayer.

Every person here is special… losing weight our mutual aim…

How to do it? What’s the secret? That’s exactly why we came!

Some of you are outstanding…and I want to name a few…

Now there’s Jo Anne, our main person…

We couldn’t manage without you…

Sylvia received our money…she’s a right had helper here…

Sandy is our reporter…jotting down the minutes clear…

Evelyn and her helper Rhonda

Soon revealed is the Good or Bad news…happy smiles or woeful tales!

If we gain…you give us courage…”don’t give up! we hear you say

If we lose-you’re happy for us…healthful eating is the way!

Those of us who gather weekly..find encouragement anew…

As we listen, share ideas…from our different points of view.

Choosing food and combinations…using “will power”, it pays!

So we struggle and we labor…always counting out the cost…

When that special treat is tempting-we remember weight we’ve lost..

We continue crunching salads-drink our water…exercise…

Cut the calories and high fats..say “no thanks” to sweets and fries

All in all, we are determined…constantly we say “think thin”

Group support is treasured greatly…and together we will win!

Many thanks to all the officers who accept us with a grain….


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