Evening R-Weigh group meets, names weekly weight loss winners

SALEM– The Evening R-Weigh group met Jan. 13 at the First Friends Church, with the meeting being called to order by Rosemarie Martinez. Gina Zepernick lead the R-Weigh prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. The group sang “Music, Music” chosen by Linda Lude. Ruth Miller prayed for family and friends. Patty Pim gave the treasurer’s report and told a joke.

Members welcomed Andrea Lujan back.

Peggy Kurtz inspiration was on “Planning.” “Plan ahead what you are going to eat. Eating healthy and nutrition food, keeps your body, mind and soul working together. To plan ahead, start with meal planning and shopping for fresh food. Prepare your own fresh food. Nothing in a box, no preservatives, fast foods or junk. You will feel like junk if you do. Eat at a table, no phone or television to focus on. Take time to savor the flavors of the food you are eating. Encourage each other.”

There were 29 members who weighed in with an 18.5-pound loss. Calorie Chart winners were Birdie Reinhart, Joan Schafer and Cathy Schafer. Goalie winners were Vicki Knizat and Lisa Smith. Good Loser in Group 1 was Cathy Schafer. Group 2 Good Loser was Susan Cain with Darlene Murin as Runner up. Honorable Mention went to Chris Learn, Birdie Reinhart, Jane Shaffer, Sara Smith and Joan Schafer. Goalie Good Losers were Eugenia Tullis and Nancy Stryfeller.

Rosemarie’s Tool Box was on “If you don’t have time to cut up vegetables, buy them precut.”

Birdie challenged the group to set a goal that they would like to reach in the next two months. The group will do it in the next week. The members set goals that they felt were manageable.

There will be a contest Feb. 3 through Feb. 24. The cost is $3. Members will get paid $1 if they lose; if they gain, they have to pay. Goalies get paid if they lose or stay the same.

New members are welcome, weigh-ins are from 4:45 to 5:45 with the meeting starting from 6 to 7 p.m. Monday evenings at the First Friends Church on Jennings Avenue.

For information call Rosemarie at 330-840-9234 or Linda at 330-547-2071.


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