Preschool youngsters practice yoga at Reilly Elementary School

From left, Calvin Hartman, Ellianna Smith, and Alex Herron show off their “warrior pose” as they enjoy doing yoga with their preschool classes. The school, located at Reilly Elementary in Salem, has started to incorporate yoga into its monthly activity schedule. DeAnna Griswold is a physical therapist with the Columbiana County Educational Service Center who leads the instruction. She says yoga helps the kids build strength, coordination, and mindfulness. “I notice their attention gets better as the year goes on in the classroom,” she said about implementing the exercise routine four years ago. The teachers have also used the breathing techniques in their classrooms. “We just thought we would try it and it has been working,” Griswold said. All students participate in the yoga exercises that are structured around the designated lesson at that time. (Submitted photo)


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