Chefology clarification

SALEM — Ashley Foster, the Salem grad looking for space for a community garden, clarified information about Chefology, which she said is a student organization developed to teach university students how to cook/bake, budget their money and eat locally sourced food.

Foster said the group “was established at Kent State University in 2018 to give a place to the foodies on campus to get together and cook. It quickly became an educational tool for those of us further exploring the culinary industry and those who wanted to learn to make something other than ramen.”

She said Chefology on campus is student-run, with the students in charge of organizing the meetings and deciding what to cook.

“At each meeting there is food provided, and the cost of the food is covered by a small fee each student pays when joining the organization. Advisors, professors, volunteer their time to help oversee the organization’s chapter activities,” she said.

She had mentioned Chefology during a meeting of the city Parks Commission when she talked about wanting to start a community garden and wanted to clarify what had been in the story published about the idea.

“Education about cuisines and cultures around the world creates an open mind for the students, I like to call it a passport. We encourage the students involved to bring their heritage and background into the kitchen, and share family recipes. My goal is to develop Chefology LLC into a national non-profit organization to bring the power of education about food to people all over the states and world. Community gardens are just a small aspect of what I one day hope to bring to universities to further develop food education for students,” she said.

For additional information, visit the website about Chefology at www.thepassionforfood.org.


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