Scout troop learns about honesty on internet

CANFIELD – Troop 25 spent an evening with representatives of Mahoning County Juvenile Court and the Prosecutor’s Office exploring the significance of being trustworthy when using the internet.

In their program, “Healthy Relationships,” James Delucia and Sharon Fischer of the Juvenile Court and Anissa Modarelli of the Prosecutor’s Office outlined what happens if minors harass, cyber bully or send inappropriate messages online. “Laws have not caught up with technology as it relates to minors and often they are the ones that end up hardest hit with penalties and repercussions,” explained Modarelli.

This presentation was designed to help educate youth about how quickly an “innocent” comment could become a major legal issue. The team shared real life stories of youth who’ve been caught up in a momentary decision. They then illustrated how a potentially life changing moment could be avoided and how the Scouts can help others around them avoid making a mistake.

The first point of the Scout Law is Trustworthy, which Delucia helped the Scouts relate this to internet safety both by their actions and supporting their friends. Mostly, by being there for friends if they are faced with this type of challenge or deciding if the information they are about to send shows they can be trusted.

Annually, Scouts participate in Cyber Chip training to reinforce the safe use of technology as they grow. It relates back to the twelve points of the Scout Law and how the Troop incorporates the use of technology. “Technology is a tool, just as a hammer, a match or a pocket knife. Learning how to use it appropriately, to appreciate what it can do, and become aware of how it could be used poorly, are very important skills to have in today’s world,” said Suzanne Heino, Scoutmaster of Troop 8025.

To learn more about the “Healthy Relationships” program contact the Mahoning County Juvenile Court or Juvenile Division of the Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office at 330-740-2244. Both the boy and girl Scouts BSA Troops 25 meet separately on Wednesdays at the Canfield United Methodist Church or virtually based on conditions, learn more at Troop25Canfield.org or call Suzanne Heino, Scoutmaster for Girls Troop 8025 at 330-261-3127 or Kevin Prus, Scoutmaster for the Boys Troop 9025 at 330-774-7130.


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