SRMC encourages men to take charge of their health

SALEM – During National Men’s Health Month in June, Salem Regional Medical Center (SRMC) is encouraging men to take charge of their overall health by implementing healthy living decisions.

“Men are at greater risk for a number of serious diseases, such as heart disease and certain cancers,” said Austin Fredrickson, M.D., FACP, an Internal Medicine physician affiliated with Salem Regional Medical Center (SRMC) and SRMC Internal Medicine Center. “Despite this fact, research shows that men are less likely than women to see a doctor on a regular basis.”

American men die an average of five years earlier than women do and at higher rates from many preventable conditions. According to Dr. Fredrickson, scheduling an annual exam with a primary care provider is an important first step toward getting and staying healthy.

“Your primary care provider can help you learn more about your health and recommend preventative screenings that can catch diseases before they start or in their early stages, when they are easier to treat.”

Depending on a person’s age, family history and risk factors, health screenings for men include:

• Weight/BMI

• Blood Pressure

• Cholesterol

• Blood Sugar

• Colorectal, prostate and skin cancer

Dr. Fredrickson added that men often delay seeking medical care for symptoms until they become severe, which can have a negative impact on their long-term health.

“It’s important to visit your doctor if you notice any concerning symptoms, such as a change in bowel habits; frequent fatigue or sleep problems; unintended weight loss; changes in moles; unexplained sexual dysfunction; or mental health issues. Getting an early diagnosis often leads to more effective treatment and can help improve your quality of life in the years to come.”

Additional health tips for men:

• Maintain a healthy weight

• Exercise regularly

• Eat a healthy diet

• Get enough sleep

• Avoid smoking and tobacco

• Limit alcohol

• Manage stress levels

• Stay up-to-date on vaccines

• Practice safe behaviors like wearing a seat belt


Austin Fredrickson, M.D., FACP, Internal Medicine, treats patients 16 and older at SRMC Internal Medicine Center, located at 2094 East State Street, Suite D, in Salem. He is affiliated with Salem Regional Medical Center’s medical staff.


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