Butler Township

Ronald and Kay Workman to Jeff Mooney, home on Winona Road; $58,000.


Tanver Development to Gerald and Gretchen Madden, 0.4 acres on Juniper Drive; $30,000.

East Liverpool

Ray Beaver to Heather Earich, home on Jefferson Street; $45,000.

Charles McCullough, et al, to Melissa Adams, home on Cain Street; $55,000.

Jack Humphreys to Pedwin Hager, home on Ohio Avenue (foreclosure); $24,000.

East Palestine

Martha Haber, et al, to Travis Cope, home on Brookdale Avenue; $98,000.

Kimberly Elick to Thomas Figley, home on East Main Street; $6,000.

Fairfield Township

Martha Coulter to Tim and Jenny Fath, home and 5 acres on Cherry Fork Road; $305,500.

Franklin Township

Donna and Jeff Pitzer to Jean Hill and Raymond Howdershelt, 5 acres on Hull Road; $16,000.

Knox Township

Kimes Family Trust to Smith Vale Properties, 52 acres on Knox School Road; $334,701.

Kimes Family Trust to Margaret Kimes, 2 acres on Knox School Road; $10,005.

Kimes Family Trust to Harry and Cathy Kimes, 9.3 acres on Knox School Road; $46,985.

Harry Kimes, et al, to Kenneth and Sarah Sanor, 3.1 acres on Knox School Road; $15,610.

Mike Schenk to Edward Reichenbach, home and 5.3 acres on Main Street; $14,548.

Kenneth Fannin to Dianne Possage, home on Winona Road; $130,000.

Tanya Tasker, et al, to Bungalow Series III REO, home (foreclosure) on Hartley Road; $60,000.


Brenda Foor to Seth Inboden, home on Elm Street; $50,000.


Donald Porter to Laura and James Wallace, home on South Green Street; $21,500.

Mike and Tammi Phillips to Wells Fargo Bank, home on Sherman Street (foreclosure); $24,000.

Liverpool Township

J Anderson Homes to Katie George, home on Park Boulevard; $144,550.

Madison Township

Bank of America to John and Kimberly Rice, home and 2.5 acres on Yeager Drive; $50,015.

Perry Township

Teresa and Robert Parsons to Steven Russell, home on Allen Road; $99,900.

Sherry Weyandt to Randall Debra Erath, home on Liberty Street; $90,500.


Habitat for Humanity to Amanda and Robert Hays, home on Bank Street; $65,500.

Darren and Heather Garlough to Patti Jenkins, home on Oak Street; $59,500.

Bricker Land LLC to DIBO Construction LLC, 0.3-acre on Orchard Bend Drive; $26,000.

Harry Crum to Unicenter LLC, home on Bank Street; $16,500.

Patterson Trust to Richard Owsley Trust, autobody shop and 1.1 acres on Springdale Street; $300,000.

Salem Township

Carissa Hickenbottom to Linda Snyder, home on state Route 558; $70,000.

Rudolf Maroscher, et al, to Paul and Mary Ann Williams, home and 61 acres on Salem Grange Road; $575,000.

Unity Township

Todd and Erik Stewart to Jon and Ellen Rettig, 10 acres on Heck Road; $60,000.

Timothy and Jenny Fath to Cecil Wine, home on Walnut Grove Lane; $160,000.

David Gribble to Todd Land Clearing LLC, 2.2 acres on state Route 14; $25,000.

Yellow Creek Township

Mark Tice to Venture Home Real Estate, home and 1.5 acres on Oakdale Avenue; $16,000.


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