Sheriff’s Office

— Ronald J. Kost, state Route 14, New Waterford, reported at 4:17 p.m. Friday there is a 10-foot right of way along the eastern edge of his property and several neighbors use it to access their homes. On Friday one of the neighbor’s grandsons dumped a load of limestone at the end of the right of way and over onto his property. When Kost said something to the grandson, he reportedly told him to perform an unnatural act on himself. A short time later, Kost saw his neighbor, William Kusior, in a pickup, spinning his tires and throwing large stones onto state Route 14. Deputies explained to Kost the property line is a civil issue and spoke to Kusior about his driving, which he neither confirmed or denied.

–Deborah Smith, Walnut Street, Rogers, reported at 4:33 p.m. Friday she found a man lying on her couch. He got up, walked back the hallway, then came back out to the living room and way lying under the cushions of the couch. Deputies met with family members of Smith in the driveway, who said she has not been acting right for the past couple days and they were concerned about her medications. Smith told deputies the same story she told dispatchers and when asked where the man was at that point, she said he must have left. She declined medical treatment.

— A false panic alarm alerted deputies to a home on Mohican Trail, Middleton Township at 3:21 a.m. Tuesday.