Butler Township

Robert and Rebecca Bentley to Jodi Lewand, home on Cameron Street; $115,000.

Timothy Groger Jr. to Charles and Krista Dawson, home on Buck Road; $183,000.

Center Township

Millard Hicks to Jason and Anita Adkins, home on Pritchard Avenue; $65,000.


Andrew Cain to Joseph Mills, home on Fairfield Avenue; $74,000.

Ciardi Co. to Jan David and Leesa Edelstein, home on Juniper Drive; $259,900.

Rebecca Forney, et al, to Jodi Bontempt-Dean and Dewayne Dean, home on North Middle Street; $104,000.

Gerald and Gretchen Madden to Ciardi Co., 0.4 acres on Juniper Drive; $30,000.

Joseph Amendolara Jr. to William and Deborah Moore, home on Terra Verde Avenue; $255,000.

TP Worldwide to Mordest Realty, warehouse and 17 acres at 44488 state Route 14: $2 million.

County Sheriff (Christopher Burns) to Lakeview Loan Servicing, home on Union Street; $54,000.

East Liverpool

Karen Steigerwald to Joseph Burton, home on Ravine Street; $5,000.

Edwin and Betty Vocial to Joan Stowers, et al, home on Oak Street; $25,000.

Bradley Bonam to Shawn Fiffick, home on Elson Street; $115,000.

Dreama Hager to Timothy Shaw, home on Globe Street; $53,000.

East Palestine

Wayne Harmon to Todd Campbell, 0.6 acres on Pleasant Drive; $1,500.

Prater Family Trust to Mike and Kathleen Mayer, home on North Sumner Street; $15,000.

William Anthony to Lisa Farley, home on North Marker Street; $74,900.

Michelle DiBartolomeo to Jessica Brand, home on Alice Street; $95,500.

Vicky and John Snyder to Frank Ganoe Jr., home on Alice Street; $30,000.

Elkrun Township

Dennis and Jodi Rhoades to Christopher Durner, home and 27 acres on state Route 154; $325,000.

CCU Coal and Construction LLC to Fairmont Road South LLC, property on Fairmont Road; $122,916.

Willow Spring Properties to James Call Jr., home and property at 43537 Cream Ridge Road; $140,000.

Fairfield Township

David and Mark Munyon to David Munyon, partial interest in home and 8.4 acres on state Route 164; $80,000.

Bank of America to Derek and Dana Crowl, home at 2022 Maple Drive; $122,000.

Knox Township

Violet Schoeni, trustee, to Jeffrey Brogan, 28 acres on Hartley Road; $150,000.


Elizabeth Crisp (sheriff’s sale) to U.S. Bank National Association, home on Wilson Street; $14,000.


Stephen Henderson to Bobbi Gromley, home on Second Street; $55,000.

Hanover Township

Hanna Drive Development to James and Millicent Calkins, 0.3 acres on Hanna Drive; ; $20,000.

Jack and Jackie Wilson to Corey Wilson, property on Campbell Road; $5,175.


John and Vivian Ferrante to Bobby Taylor, home on Chestnut Street; $95,000.

Liverpool Township

Linda Goodballet, et al, to Jamie and Jennifer Davidson, home on Campground Road; $145,000.

Gerald and Crystal Bryson to Chad Grey and Kasi Shaw, home on Meadow Road; $144,000.

Gilbert and Kelly Garcia to James Shuler III, home on Faulk Avenue; $184,000.

Madison Township

Copitka Family Trust to Richard and Larissa Seevers, home on Leslie Road; $120,000.

James and Charles Pickens to Charles Pickens, 64 acres on Lones Road; $18,000.

Middleton Township

Pethel Farms to Shaun and Josalyn Crookston, home and18 acres on Dyke Road; $170,000.

JAJL Properties to Ronald Weaver Jr., 1.5 acres on Union Ridge Road; $3,000.

Donna Dickey to Robert and Angel Risinger, home on Front Street; $3,000.

Perry Township

Doris Nuckols to Kenneth and Melinda Kuntze, home on Old Coach Lane; $152,000.

Matthew Dangel to Brenda and Jason Blaine, home on Pine Lake Road; $139,900.


Samuel Hillyer to Mac’s Convenience Stores, home on Woodland Avenue; $68,686.

John and Linda Odell to Melissa and Raymond Boyd Jr., home on East Seventh Street; $15,000.

Jordan Dickey to Suzanne and William Banner, home on East Ninth Street; $124,999.

A&D LLC to Kuldip Singh, commercial property (B & J Appliances) on North Ellsworth Avenue; $125,000.

Raymond and Ronald Symons to Robert Pasquale Jr., property New Garden Avenue (auto repair shop); $50,000.

Mary and Sean Groves to Linda Skidmore, condominium on Orchard Bend Drive; $184,000.


Ursula Giannone to Wyatt Morrison, property on Water Street; gift.

St. Clair Township

Robert and Margaret Brock to Gerald and Crystal Bryson, home and 1.9 acres on Woodland Drive; $315,000.

Jennifer Morgan to Tera Kazee, home on Samuel Street; $64,300.

Unity Township

Belle Vista Inc. to Edward and Kristen Barefield, 0.9 acres on Kayann Lane; $5,500.

Peace Valley Orchards to Robert and Shannon Liposky, home and 3.4 acres on Adams Road; $187,435.


Amy Custer and Michelle Burns to Theodore Rodney LLC, pole building and 2 acres on Wood Alley; $125,000.

Wayne Township

U.S. Bank National Association to Mary Lomax, home and 10 acres on Seigler Road; $64,050.


Ruth Masters and John Dalrymple to John Dalrymple, home on Commerce Street; $19,000.

County Sheriff (Benjamin and Meredith Sluder) to Federal National Mortgage Association, duplex on Riverside Avenue; $26,000.

John Wright to Sanna Surace, home on 15th Street; $30,000.

James and Carolyn McEwen to Prestige Properties of East Liverpool, home on Aten Avenue; $30,000.


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