Butler Township

Mickol and Cheryl Tafe to Aimee and Michael Fugate, home and 1.3 acres on Hartley Road; $270,000

Grant and Vickie Hammer to Erikka Coontz and Zachary Kuntz, home and 3 acres on Misty Morning Lane; $360,000

Tami Poage to Amanda Court, home on Hillside Drive; $47,000.

Casey and Amy Wright to Steven and Svetlana Herron, home on Woodsend Drive; $294,000

Center Township

Carolyn Mattevi, et al, to Lukas and Taylor Mattevi, partial interest in home on state Route 172; gift


John and Melanie Hepler to Greg and Wendy Mohr, home on Pueblo Lane; $191,000

East Liverpool

Richard and Marjorie Wright to Rosemary and Dean Hornbeck, home on Vine Street; $25,000

BAC Home Loans Servicing to Keybank National Association, home at 1013 Avondale St.; $1,900

One Day at a Time Club to Orioles Nest 169, property on Dresden Avenue; $5,000

Theresa Savin and Deborah Marker to Theresa and Ciara Savin, home on Center Street; $16,750

East Palestine

Susan McIlvain to DAH Realty2, home on West Clark Street; $24,000

Elkrun Township

Sharon Gbur to Sharon Gbur, et al, partial interest in home and 4.6 acres on state Route 45; gift

Scott Bowman to Kenneth and Darla Gallagher, home on Lower Elkton Road; $82,000

Franklin Township

Jerry and Kathy Weber to Lee Zehentbauer, et al, home and 8 acres on Gavers Road; $56,000


Margaret Barker estate to Samuel Hake and Haley Skolosh, home on Main Street; $105,000

Donald and Ruby Burnham to Emily Cope, home on Lisbon Street; $47,900

Hanover Township

Kimberly and Wayne Carman Jr. to Hanoverton Christian Church, home on state Route 9; $80,000

Knox Township

Sherry Novak to Maureen Smith, trustee, home on Bandy Road; $216,000

Erna Aiello to Matt and Melissa Scott, retail structure (Bill’s Carpet & Installation) on U.S. Route 62; $145,000

Bradley Miller to Charlton Brown, home on Winona Road; $154,600

Madison Township

Steve and Kelly Weber to Ashley and Tyler Yoho, home and 25 acres on state Route 45; $295,000

Middleton Township

Brandon Dinsmore to Robert Ringeisen, home and 10.7 acres on Pancake-Clarkson Road; $200,000

Ashlee Jordan to Steve Bennett, home on state Route 170; $74,665

Robert and Gloria Gustafson to Jeffrey Flint Jr., home and 8.1 acres on state Route 170; $100,000

New Waterford

Robert Esterly to Benjamin and Cayleigh Esterly, home on Church Street; $93,500

Dorothy and Wayne Bean to Adam McLaughlin and Wayne Bean, partial interest in house trailer and property on East Main Street; $39,900

Perry Township

Mary Fish to Wanda Hamrick, condominium on Somerset Drive; $68,500


Richard Metts to Roger and Charlotte Travis, home on Home Circle; $145,000

Jean Fehr to Mary Roberts, home and 1.3 acres on South Lincoln Avenue; $237,500

Tom Hutson, et al, to Tom Barnhouse, et al, home on Fairview Avenue; $105,500

David and Crystal Harrison to Donald Shorb Jr., home on East Sixth Street; $95,400

Maple Street Enterprises to Ivan Turner, home on Granite Street; $58,000


Thomas Weldon, trustee, to Gerald Joy, home on West Main Street; $60,000

Izack Morrison to Jerry Mostella Jr., commercial property 127-129 Main St.; $30,000

St. Clair Township

Tammy Lockhart to Wesley McCune, home on Annesley Road; $8,000

George Brown and Daniel Brown Jr. to Tim and Julie Halfhill, home on state Route 267; $1,300


Tom and Ruby Jones to Nathan and Amber Rowand, property on Taylor Avenue; $6,000

Yellow Creek Township

Timothy and Jennifer Logston to Richard Christy, home on Sixteen School Road; $70,000