Center Township

Nancy Klaes to James Mountz, four lots on Forest Street; $1,500


Craig Susany, et al, to Gregory and Ann Gustafson, 0.4 acre lot on Terra Verde Avenue; $38,000

Edward Jones Trust to Randal and Kimberly Guy, home at 533 Terra Verde Ave.; $330,200

Susan and Robert Toothman II to Robert Toothman II and Chad Jellison, home and 9.4 acres on Metz Road; $148,370

East Liverpool

Valerie Caffro to Mike Hill, home on St. Clair Avenue; $87,000

Derek Berson and Taylor Wright to Claude and Cheryl Byrd, home on Pennsylvania Avenue; $2,500

Gerald and Marian Forney to Kelly Penrod, home on Vine Street; $71,000

J. Darlene Kissel to Aaron Stevens, home on Riley Avenue; $9.500

Pearl Murphy to Logan and Erica Urich, home on Riley Avenue; $20,000

Buckeye Online School for Success to Many Glacier LLC, lots on Summit Lane and Market Street; $3,500

William and Kelly Dawson to Paula Dawson, home on Lisbon Street; $65,000

East Palestine

James Ward to Charles Bark Jr., home on West North Avenue; $136,900

Elkrun Township

Joann Foster to Kathleen Watson, home and 33 acres on Low Road; $275,000

Taurean Enterprises to Shannon and Arthur Harman Jr., manufactured home and 1.5 acres on state Route 154; $20,800

Ruth Bartholomew to Kelly Stanley, home and 2.5 acres on state Route 517; $140,000

Fairfield Township

John and Gail Esker to Laura and Edward Gilbert, home on Kelly Park Road; $170,000

Vernon and Phyllis Elwonger to Christopher and Karly Green, home and 5.5 acres on Camelot Drive; $340,000


Gwen Wright and Marsi Long to Jack and Paul McIntosh, home on U.S. Route 30; $20,000

Hanover Township

Sheryl Moser to Harley Puckett, home and 3.8 acres on Richey School Road; $172,500

Sandra Selway to Walter Byron, home on Votaw Drive; $150,000


Daron Jackson to Joshua Grate, home on Ridge Street; $76,300

Angelo Nicotera, et al, to Derek Farmer, home on Wood Street; $109,000


Richard Null, etc, to Serious Properties LLC, properties at 124 and 134 W. Washington St.; $200,000

Liverpool Township

Robert and Diana Bickar to Dennis Stoddard, home on Homestead Drive; $145,000

Madison Township

Deborah Kelly to Burt Ferry and Julie Corsi, home and 7.7 acres on Y & O Road; $50,000

Middleton Township

Aimee Lowther to JP Morgan Chase Bank home on Chippewa Trail; $56,000

Perry Township

Linda Jarrett and Dorothy Demeo to David and Crystal Harrison, home on East 12th Street; $75,000

Larry Callahan to Samuel Hank, home on Conser Drive; $129,900

Richard and Diana Nordquest to Steven and Connie Bell, home on East Pidgeon Road; $135,000


Ryming Real Estate to Jordan Kalina, home on East Seventh Street; $79,000

Katherine Oesch to Mary Clark and Christopher Barth, home on Bricker Farm Lanes; $266,500

Jeff and Jill Stenger to Mark and Justeena Stewart, home on North Ellsworth Avenue; $124,000

Ritchey Family Trust to Mike Popa, home on Fairview Court; $120,000

Salem Township

Frances Exten to Samuel Entrikin, home on Lisbon Road; $79,000

St. Clair Township

Kevin and Melissa Householder to John and Wendy Stiffler, home on McCoy Avenue; $146,000

Columbiana County Metropolitan Housing Authority to Larry Davis, home at 16688 St. Clair Ave.; $55,000

Mark Bayless and Susan Witherow to Jonathan Green, home on state Route 267; $155,000

Randy Stowers to Joshua and Patricia Milhoan, home and 3.2 acres on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road; $152,000

William and Betsy Miller to John and Mary Conaway, home and 6.9 acres on Bell School Road; $465,000

Charles Beiling trust to David Knapp, 4 acres on Rosetta Lane/Laredo Drive; $66,500

William Cornell to to Eric and Courtney Cornell, home on Berkshire Road; $146,600

Marcy Rufener to Ted Fischer, home on Lincoln Street; $86,000

Dolores and Alvin Howard to U.S. Bank Trust, home on state Route 267; $35,444

Janet Grimm to Jennifer and James Morehead II, home and 1 acres on Duke Road; $120,000

Washington Township

Gary and Patricia Forbes to Patrick and Heather Marshall, home on state Route 39; $89,900


Eddie and Brenda Conkle to Joseph Beaver, home on Chester Avenue; $77,000

Barbara Brantingham, etc, to Albert Carr, two lots on Riverview Avenue; $1,000

West Township

Vanessa Miller to Benjamin and Olivia Lambert, home and 9.5 acres on Rochester Road; $316,000

Lisa Kastelic, trustee, to Amber Marshall, 1.3 acres on Lynchburg Road; $14,500

Lisa Fleming to Alan Peddicord, home on Mayfair Avenue; $139,900

Midwest Land Service to Wind River Resources, property on McCann and Rochester roads and state Route 172; $17,000