NW utility crews plan smoke testing

NEW WATERFORD — Work crews will be smoke testing the sewer system in New Waterford starting on Tuesday, Sept. 24.

The purpose of the test is to look for breaks or defects in the sewer system. There should not be smoke in the home of residents unless there is a defect in the home’s plumbing system or drain traps are dried up.

Residents should pour a gallon of water into each floor drain prior to the testing date. If smoke enters the home, it also is possible dangerous sewer gases are entering the home or business. The village is requesting any building that does have smoke should be evacuated and the work crew notified. Those away at the time of the test, who come home and find smoke later, should call 330-360-0387.

Those who have respiratory problems and are immobile should notify the village at 330-457-2844 prior to the testing date.

If the testing is rained out on Tuesday, it will be Thursday, Sept. 26.


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