Butler Township

Robert and Caroline Hall to Zack Lease, et al, home and 4.2 acres on Slater Road; $170,000

Center Township

William and Lorrie Barnes to Susan Reynolds, manufactured home, garage and three lots on Brookfield Avenue; $35,000

Marty and Jennifer McLoskey to George and Sharon Bickis, 1.4 acres on North Ridge Place; $29,500


Tan Ver Development to Michelle Winebold, 0.4 acres on Juniper Drive; $32,000

RIM Properties to Stacey and James Bettura Jr., home at 44 E. Woodland Ave.; $168,000

Melissa Kimpel to Barry Kimpel, home on East Friend Street; $59,200

East Liverpool

Joseph Burton to Ashley Davis, home on Ravine Street; $4,000

Michelle Piscitani, trustee, to Joseph Holt, home on Blakely Street; $10,000

Daniel and Jody Pridemore to Terry Brown, home on Harvey Avenue; $6,000

Noel Dawson, et al, to Cathi and Paul Headley III, home on St. George Street; $40,000

East Palestine

Kathy McCarthy to Ricky and Karen Gorby, home on Wood Street; $3,500

Charles and Susan Swain to Midfirst Bank, home on East North Street; $64,600

Fairfield Township

Frieda Bevington, trustee, to Kevin Burgy, home on Lower Elkton Road; $145,000

Hanover Township

Gary Eichler Jr. to Amanda Shockling and Scott Miller, home on Parkview Drive; $99,000

Bernard Wittenmyer to Jerry Skuhrovec, 4 lots on Westward Way; $66,000

Hanoverton Christian Church to Bernet Family Farms, 18 acres on Plymouth Street and state Route 9; $85,000

Heather Minor to U.S. Bank National Trust (sheriff’s sale), home and 2 acres on Teegarden Road; $120,000

Knox Township

Dan Ackerman to Vincent Campitelli, home and 5 acres on Knox School Road; $63,000

Liverpool Township

Mary Irwin to Michael Miller, home on Imperial Drive; $110,000

Madison Township

Beverly McKinney to McKinney Enterprises of Ohio, 0.4 acres on Autumn Road; $10,000

James and Eleanor Wilkes to Wilbur and Jean Krafft, 13 acres on state Route 7; $65,000

Clayton Cunningham to Marjorie and Heather Rice, home on Cannons Mill Road; $42,000

Middleton Township

Charles Beiling, trustee, to William Miller, et al, mobile and 9.1 acres on Taylor Road; $45,000

Perry Township

Dennis and Stephen DeRhoads to Keith Roshon, home on Garfield Avenue; $18,000

Deborah Pagani to Donald and Ashley Crane, home on Jones Drive; $155,000


Union Properties to Dan Nichols, home at 842 Southeast Boulevard; $122,500

Ryan Wilson to Leah Porter, home on Barclay Avenue; $66,900

Daniel and Margaret Engle to Steven and Angela Bailey, trustees, 0.3 acres on Lexington Avenue; $35,000

Deborah and Philip Duckworth Jr. to Norman and Deborah Kelley, home on Franklin Avenue; $94,000

Salem Township

Sam Moore to Glenn and Audrey McNany. home and 3 acres on state Route 45; $182,600


Thomas Lynch to Jason Howe-George, home and 4.8 acres on Walnut Ridge Road; $104,000

St. Clair Township

R & T Green Realty to Tim and Julie Halfhill, home at 16173 Rankin St.; $27,500

Linda Humphrey and Mary Warrick to Angie and Francesco Serrao, home on Old Fredericktown Road; $60,000

Debbie Fonner to John and Darcy Morris, home on Stagecoach Road; $115,000

Jason Chapman to Christopher Stoddard, et al, home on Glenn Street; $25,500

Jeffrey Cope to Mike Cunningham, home on Irish Ridge Road; $34,100

Greg and Sherri Smith to Jennifer Cope, home on Grimms Bridge Road; $42,790

Unity Township

Keith Wilhelm, et al, to Jeffrey and Jennifer Ross, home and 1.1 acres on Bye Road; $123,735

Jonathan Knutson to Judith and Wendell Jr., home on and 32 acres on Metz Road and state Route 14; $498,500

Tamanna and Mitul Mehta to Kali Beatty and Katie Stevens, home on Brookdale Avenue; $120,000

David Tittle to Adam and Amy Sienerth, 1.5 acres on state Route 14; $65,000

Wayne Township

Joshua Knox and Jacob Junkins to William and Carrie Catlett, 27 acres on Laughlin Road; $89,483

Joshua Knox and Jacob Junkins to Kevin Joy, home and 20 acres on Laughlin Road;  $168,300


Joseph and Michael Stock, et al, to Rolled Sleeves LLC, home on Clark Avenue; $15,000

West Township

Joe and Deborah Richardson to Ricky and Andrea Unruh, home and 5 acres on Bayard Road; $260,000


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