Butler Township

Estate of Rita Hovis to John and Krista Fitch, home and 4.7 acres on state Route 9; $97,800

Kevin Callahan, et al, to Derek Freeland, home on Carey Road; $115,000

Center Township

Raymond and Regina Torres to Barbato Kinsey and Mike Hebron, home on Leetonia Road; $129,000


Janet Colaluca to James and Diane Kleeh, condominium on Timberline Drive; $199,900

Genevieve Coleman to Jane Buffone, home on Brenda Lane; $135,000

Tan Ver Development to Matthew and Nicole Pastier, 0.4 acres Juniper Drive; $32,000

East Liverpool

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Russell Todd and Jason Albert, home at 545 S. Surry Road; $60,000

Jonathan and Julie Parsons to Bank of New York, home on Orchard Grove Avenue (foreclosure); $16,000

Judy Buzzard to Joseph Holt, home on Fawcett Street; $10,000

East Palestine

William and Bettina Dilworth to Brandy Dilworth, home on East North Avenue; $70,000

RBS Manufacturing to RBS Acquisitions, property commercial property on Liberty and East Martin streets and a home at 155 Martin St.; $400,000

Lakeview Loan Servicing to DAH Realty2, home on North Sumner Street; $32,750

David Jones to Diane and Frank McCracken, home on North Pleasant Drive; $85,500

Rick Ellis to Harry and Adyson Glavan, home and 1.4 acres on Bacon Avenue; $106,000

Marian Huffman to Dan and Jacqueline Magness, home on East North Avenue; $60,000

Fairfield Township

Margaret A. Corll Family Trust to Jack Corll and Nicole Witmer, 71 acres on Fairfield School Road; gift


David and Susan Kiewall to Maria-Fatima Maldonado, 4.8 acres on Randell Road; $23,000

Hanover Township

D & L LLC to Collin and Janet Kinsey, 3.8 acres on Westward Way; $17,600

Dennis Cummings to Joe and Deborah Richardson, home and 2.2 acres on Teegarden Road; $131,000

Cozza Family Trust to Strong Family Investments, condominium on South Lane; $204,000

Knox Township

Fowder Beltz Properties to Dylan Greenawalt, home and 4 acres at 4067 Bayard Road; $212,000


Dianna Garofalo and Richard Cope to DSG Rentals, home at 220 W. Washington St.; $20,000

Madison Township

Raymond and Patricia Boyd to Tina and Richard Stull Jr., home on Y & O Road; $111,500

Kevin Chronister to Emmauel and Bethanne Rettos, 0.9 acres on Cannons Mill Road; $2,500

Perry Township

Olimpia Edling to Lynn Birch and Christopher Kireta, home and 13 acres on Cider Mill Road; $132,000

Jackie and Sabrina Harding to Jennifer Stamp, home on Andrew Avenue; $71,500

Audrea Goodballet to David and Shannon Jones, home on Jones Drive; $102,000


John Burkey to Walter and Wilma Byron, commercial property on East State Street (Quaker Corner Flowers & Gifts); $125,000

Raymond and Arlene Bryan to Strong Family Investments, home on South Union Avenue; $24,750

James and Theresa Murphy to Benjoy LLC, gas station on North Ellsworth Avenue; $105,000

Carl and Cindy Roeger to John Cannon, commercial property (former drive-thru) on Benton Road; $95,000

St. Clair Township

Randy Mick to Bernard Zlatovich, home on Park Way; $83,900

Calcutta Development to Allen and Kathryn Adkins, 2 acres on Fieldstone Drive; $33,500

Jesse and Bethany Zirillo to Allen and Kathryn Adkins, 2 acres on Fieldstone Drive; $28,500

Unity Township

Mike and Susan Buchner to Mark and Catherine Buchner, home on state Route 14; $21,000

Joseph Kendrew to Cullen and Amanda Wallace, home and 1.8 acres on Peppercorn Drive; $246,500

Jeremy Thompson to Cynthia Dean, home on Macklin Road; $110,0000

West Township

Brandon and Brittney Boosz to Adam and Courtney Wenner, home on U.S. Route 30; $210,000

Jacob Hawk to Abigail Ringer and Jeremy Shafer, home and 5.8 acres on Homeworth Road; $179,000

Paula Bentley and Darla Jarvis to Kathy Hill, home on U.S. Route 30; $90,000

Yellow Creek Township

Andrew and Monica Plunkett to Jake Van Develde, home on Hammondsville Road; $130,000

Doug and Tonya Mays to Corey Blakeley, home and 4.8 acres on Wells Hollow Road; $249,000


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