– While on patrol a deputy came across an abandoned vehicle parked near the intersection of East Liverpool and Y & O roads in Madison Township at 12:08 a.m. Thursday. The bent license plate it came back to Tina  Barrick but it was for another vehicle. The VIN came back to Alissa Doughtry, and the deputy contacted her brother, who said the vehicle was sold to Brandon Savin, but the title work had yet to be done. The deputy removed the keys and left a business card. Savin called later to say he had trouble with the vehicle.

– Matthew C. Ward, 31, was charged Thursday with obstructing police business for deliberately urinating himself, falling to the ground and resisting arrest while deputies were trying to transport him from the county jail to a court hearing.

– Wendell Beatty Jr., 31, was charged after allegedly striking Helen Beatty in the face with his hand during an argument while he was trying to leave a home on Union Ridge Road, Middleton Township, at 8 p.m. Nov. 2. While leaving the residence,  Beatty’s vehicle struck a vehicle owned by Richard Moffett’s son.


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