LISBON — In county Municipal Court, Damion E. Cheresne, 41, East Perry Street, Salem, was fined $700, had his license suspended for a year, required to attend a three-day counseling program and ordered 40 hours community service for a turn signal violations and physical control amended from OVI first offense.

A Dec. 9 pretrial was set for Kerri E. Steffel, 31, Barclay Avenue, Salem, charged with domestic violence for allegedly striking her live-in boyfriend, John Sneddon, in the face several times on Tuesday.

A Dec. 10 pretrial was set for Annette L. Reitz, 48, last known address state Route 517, Lisbon, charged with theft for allegedly leaving the Stables Inn and Suites in Salem following a two-night stay without paying, as well as creating a smoke smell in the room which required a $250 cleaning fee for a total reported loss of $575 to the hotel.

Lakieshia Lee Richardson, 30, Shelby Road, Lisbon, was fined $200, credited with two days in jail and ordered to pay Elizabeth Lowrey $438 in restitution for criminal damaging and assault. On March 23, Richardson broke the rear window of a 2007 Lincoln owned by Lowrey and punched Jason Bridge in the head.

Donald E. White, 35, state Route 164, Salineville, was credited with eight days served, sentenced to an additional two days in jail, fined $300 and ordered 40 hours community service for criminal mischief and disorderly conduct for smearing feces on the floor and toilet in the girls’ bathroom at Southern Local High School on Nov. 7, as well as dropping feces on the floor of the hallway.

Brandie N. Poynter, 26, West Fourth Street, Salem, was fined $300, credited with a day in jail and sentenced to nine additional days in jail for two counts of violating a temporary protection order. She was found on Oct. 5 at the East State Street home of Taira Scullion and she went to Scullion’s address on Aug. 17, where they were found arguing in the street.

Randall C. Culler, 40, Bell Road, Lisbon, was fined $50 for disorderly conduct amended from menacing for yelling and screaming at Danielle Blazer on Sept. 12 regarding a parking spot.

Marcos R. Ralios, 19, North Lundy Avenue, Salem, was fined $150 for expired license and failure to yield from a private driveway. A Jan. 21 pretrial was set for Ralios, charged with obstructing official business for allegedly giving Salem police a false name and date of birth on Sept. 13 following a two vehicle accident when he was driving one of the vehicles.

Darrell Harrison Jr., 24, Youngstown, was fined $150 and required 25 hours community service for driving under suspension.

Clark J. Best, 24, Jefferson Street, Salineville, was credited with two days in jail, required 40 hours community service and fined $150 for criminal trespassing for stealing sheet metal and other metal items from an open garage in the area of East Main and Commerce Street in Salineville on June 6.

Rory Altenburg, 46, Youngstown, was fined $450, sentenced to five days in jail and required 40 hours community service for driving under suspension, possession of drugs for buprenorphine and possession of marijuana.

Reagan Marie Duck, 22, Massillon, was fined $280 for driving under suspension, loud exhaust and a tail lights violation.

A domestic violence charge against Kevin Short, 46, state Route 45, room four, Lisbon, was dismissed due to unavailability evidence problems.

Joshua D. Haddox, 30, Louisville, was fined $150 for lighted lights required amended from speeding.

Heather Nicoloe Bohanon, 32, Bentwood Drive, New Waterford, was fined $50 for expired license. She was found not guilty of driving under suspension.

A Jan. 27 pretrial was set for Austin B. Flick, 28, Beloit, cited with driving under FRA suspension.

A Jan. 13 pretrial was set for Corey J. Miller, 27, East Park Avenue, Columbiana, cited with driving under suspension.


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