LISBON – A Dec. 16 preliminary hearing was set in county Municipal Court for Glenn E. Earich Jr., 66, Fifth Avenue, East Liverpool, charged with failure to verify his residential address. As a Tier I sex offender, Earich is required to register once a year, but reportedly did not respond to warning letters mailed to his last registered address in November.

Ernest John Smith, Votaw Boulevard, Lisbon, was fined $975, had his license suspended for three years, sentenced to 10 days in jail and required 40 hours community service for OVI second offense, prohibited U-turn and a turn signal violation.

Sherry Stahl, 56, Park Avenue, Salem, was sentenced to a day in jail, fined $725, had her license suspended for a year, required to attend a three-day counseling program and ordered 40 hours community service for OVI first offense and failure to control.

A Jan. 21 pretrial was set for Kevin W. Weaver, 47, Kibler Road, New Waterford, cited with OVI first offense and a seat belt violation.

A Jan. 23 pretrial was set for Dakota D. Books, 18, Wooster, charged with inducing panic and menacing after allegedly pulling a fire alarm and threatening to harm staff at the Tobin Center, because he wanted transferred to the county jail.

A Dec. 16 pretrial was set for Blaine S. Perry II, 32, Commerce Street, Wellsville, charged with assault for allegedly hitting and threatening to slit the throat of Lauren Waide at a Lincoln Avenue, Wellsville, address on Friday.

A Dec. 12 pretrial was set for Derrick L. Duvall, 46, Youngstown, charged with falsification for allegedly providing a sheriff’s deputy with a false name, date of birth and two fake Social Security numbers on Friday.

Gary A. Shell Jr., 23, Kirk Road, Columbiana, was fined $150, credited with 16 days served in jail and required 40 hours community service for assault for punching Cody Pfouts in the face four times on May 25.

Two assault charges against Trent A. Campbell, 48, Sandy Lane, Malvern, was dismissed due to evidence problems. In May, Campbell had been accused of striking his ex-girlfriend, Tammy Kay Roof, in the mouth, and harming a 16-year-old girl, by hitting her in the mouth with a glass candle.

A Dec. 23 pretrial was set for Timothy R. Foster, 27, Bell School Road, East Liverpool, charged with two counts of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle after he reportedly crashed a 2000 Dodge Ram truck taken from Stephanie Flowers without permission on Friday and allegedly taking a 2003 F-150 belonging to Clara Hawk without her permission on Saturday.

Richard R. Snyder Jr., 60, Lowellville, was fined $230 for a stop sign violation, open container and possession of marijuana.

A Feb. 10 pretrial was set for Kassandria M. Cole, 28, High Street, Washingtonville, charged with theft for allegedly shoplifting from Walmart in Salem on Saturday by not scanning $209 in merchandise.

A Jan. 30 pretrial was set for Tramaine G. Wright, 23, Youngstown, charged with illegal use or possession of drug paraphernalia for allegedly having a scale in a bag with white residue on it on Friday.

Geri D. Lewis, 35, Church Street, Salineville, was fined $150, required 40 hours community service and credited with seven days in jail for obstructing official business after she allowed David Reeger to drop off Easter items at the house for more than three hours fled on April 20, when she knew police and deputies were looking for him.

A Jan. 21 pretrial was set for Thomas M. Blair, 45, Woodbine Avenue, East Liverpool, charged with disorderly conduct for allegedly staggering around intoxicated, making inappropriate advances toward female patrons while swearing at the staff at the American Legion in Salineville and refusing to leave when requested on Saturday.

A Jan. 28 pretrial was set for Lynda M. Cope, 36, North Front Street, Negley, cited with driving under suspension, use of an unauthorized plate, no license and a seat belt violation.

A Jan. 23 pretrial was set for Natosha A. Miller, 26, McDonald Street, East Liverpool, cited with illegal use of drug paraphernalia for a folded piece of paper with white residue found with the help of a K-9 in Salem on Friday.

Jennifer Mae Kidder, 35, East Main Street, East Palestine, was fined $150 for driving under suspension.

Timothy Lester Ferguson, 39, Martin Avenue, East Liverpool, as fined $150 for driving under suspension.

Britton K. Steiginga, 26, Walnut Grove Lane, New Waterford, was fined $150 and required 40 hours community service for driving under suspension.

Michael A. Hamilton, 30, East Fourth Street, Salem, was fined $150, credited with a day in jail, sentenced to an additional three days in jail and required 30 hours community service for possession of drug paraphernalia for a rolled up piece of paper in a small plastic bag with drug residue on Sunday.

Connie Sue Strader, 44, McCracken Road, Salem, was fined $150 and required 25 hours community service for driving under suspension.

A Dec. 16 pretrial was set for Todd A. Ritchie, 42, Syracuse, Ind., charged with carrying a concealed weapon and obstructing official business for allegedly jumping from a vehicle’s passenger side and running away on Sunday, during a traffic stop in Salem. Ritchie was reportedly found with a taser device in his bag. Additionally, Ritchie is charged with domestic violence for allegedly harming Nicole Hoschar on Sept. 22, assault for allegedly harming a man at Fernengel’s Tavern on Jan. 23, 2015 and with violating a protection order for allegedly sending messages to Lorraine Utter on Dec. 23, 2017.

A Feb. 10 motion hearing was set for Jason J. Walker, 38, East Ninth Street, Salem, charged with possession of drugs after alleged clonazepam fell from his pocket during a fight on Aug. 4.

A Jan. 23 pretrial was set for Deanna M. Lodge, 42, Vine Avenue, Salem, cited with disorderly conduct, intoxication.

Jeffrey S. Biery, 45, Put in Bay, was fined $150 for an equipment violation amended from speeding.

David Fonner, 30, Carlisle Road, Lisbon, was fined $100 for two counts of speeding. A vehicle registration transfer violation was dismissed.

Jacob G. Edgerton, 22, Canfield, was fined $50 for speeding.