Butler Township

Brandford and Rebecca Woolf to Jeremy Zets, home and 5.8 acres on state Route 9; $190,000

Center Township

William and Brenda Stewart (sheriff’s sale) to Russell Kiko Jr., commercial garage and 1.4 acres on state Route 172; $40,000

Karen Lewis to Joshua and Courtney Bell, home and 13 acres; $76,200


Janice Rodfong to Kyle Rogers, condominium on Prestwick Court; $268,000

Tan Ver Development to ZN Homes, 0.4 acres on Juniper Drive; $29,000

East Liverpool

Cedar Gable Rentals to Michael Harris and Christina Sanchez, home on Holiday Street; $20,000

Bank of New York to Conrad Wolfgang, home at 1248 Erie St.; $8,250

Eleanor Owens to Darryl and Julie McCellan, home on Grant Street; $41,500

James McKinnon to Patricia Cooper, home on Ravine Street; $27,850

East Palestine

David Noel to Nicole Manini, home on North Market Street; $48,500

Elkrun Township

Jeff and Michelle Cornell to Sherri Phillips, home and 4.8 acres on Elkton Road; $124,000

Fairfield Township

Stacey and James Bettura Jr. to Shawn and Kimberly Bullock, home and 1 acres on Woodvale Lane; $235,000

Hanover Township

Westward Auto Inc. to Joseph Mong, 3.4 acres on state Route 172; $30,000

Robert Toothman to Tina Toothman, home and 1 acres on Lakeview Road; $131,800

James Marks to Danny and Lisa Jay, home on Carlene Road; $180,000

Knox Township

John and Beverly Yaggi to Alan and Lois Miller, home and 48 acres on South Bandy Road; $522,500

James Common to Darryl Woolf, et al, home and 5 acres on Hartley Road; $150,500

Abigail and Ernest Kash III to Mike and Jeanne Joseph, home and 1.2 acres on Knox School Road; $167,000


Caroline Ferry to Dylan Davis, home on Main Street; $57,000


Lisa Dawson to Adam Newbold, home on North Market Street; $12,000

Liverpool Township

Robert Williams to Craig Bartlett, home on Campground Road; $101,000

Norman and Vickie Fitch to Heath and Crystal Fitch, home on Ruth Street; $100,000

Huntington National Bank to Mark Tice, home on Armstrong Lane; $20,000

Madison Township

Scott Steele to Brian Frank, home and 5 acres on McCormick Road; $10,000

40820 OH 518 Lisbon Ohio to Louis and Jenny Ruberto, home and 90 acres at 40820 state Route 518; $275,000

Middleton Township

Guy and Nancy Michaels to Donald and Aubrey Lakes, manufactured home and 4 acres on Pancake-Clarkson Road; $143,000

Mike and Victoria Ward to Nicholas and Katherine Adkins, home and 1 acre on Carmel Achor Road; $100,000

Stephen and Ricki DeBlasio to Thomas and Jeanne Gilmore, home on Tomahawk Drive; $242,500

New Waterford

Robert and Shirley Shope to Brandon Gates, home on Waynewood Street; $134,400

Michael Shane Patrone to Ashley Thompson, home on South State Street; $72,000

Perry Township

Pamela Sprowl to Scharlott Barth, home on Main Street; $95,900

Compco Quaker Land to Gwen Darnell, trustees, home on West State Street; $116,200


Garry and Regina Evans to Norma Clendenning, home on Fairview Avenue; $114,500

Nancy Sines to Sally Hays, home on West Ninth Street; $79,901

CVI LCF Mortgage to Gary Weikart Jr., home at 656 Jennings Ave.; $50,000

Erin Murphy to Darin and Vanessa Wine, home on Carole Drive; $108,900

David Weber to James Weber, home on Arch Street; gift

Danielle Hoyt to Randy Carpenter, et al, home on East Fifth Street; $22,000

Mike and Brooke Douty to Lonnie and Brandi Cook, home on North Ellsworth Avenue; $112,000

Salem Township

Bradley Heim to Susan and Charles Hedl Jr., home and 5 acres on Conkle Road; $140,000

James Hunt to Alan Crago, home and 15 acres on Crestview Road; $163,900

Lakeview Loan Servicing to Sherlanne Miller, home on Depot Road; $67,500


HSBC Bank to Kimberly and Thomas Tippisn III, home on Summit Drive; $34,900

St. Clair Township

Jamie and William Cox Jr. to JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Corp., home at 16112 state Route 267; $51,680

Jeffrey Chung to Lana Perkins, home on Susan Drive; $130,000

Todd and Terry Iagulli (sheriff’s sale) to Farmers National Bank, home on Glenn Street; $24,000

Sandra Porter to Shawn Muscari, home on Martha Street; $34,100

Unity Township

Green Land to Corey Baux, 6 acres on Poland-Unity Road; $26,387


ME Church to Dela Bituka, et al, United Methodist Church on Main Street; $50,000

Paige Ludwig to David and Karen Adkins, home on Maple Avenue; $40,000

West Township

Marc and Mary Blitz to Chad Jakubowski, home and 2.4 acres on Melissa Lane; $269,000


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