EL man pleads guilty to burglary, break-in

LISBON — An East Liverpool man, William D. Jacquet, pleaded guilty in Common Pleas Court in two cases he was facing for theft-related crimes.

Before Judge Megan Bickerton on Tuesday, Jacquet, 26, Idaho Avenue, pleaded guilty to burglary, a second-degree felony, and breaking and entering, a fifth degree felony.

He could receive up to a 12-year maximum sentence on the burglary charge alone. Chief Assistant County Prosecutor John Gamble said is recommending a four-year term for the burglary and a six-month term on the breaking and entering charge.

After the hearing, Gamble said in the more serious case, Jacquet and William D. Barrett had gone to the home of Lisa Thompson on Milbourne Avenue on Sept. 20 under the guise of looking at a vehicle posted on Buy, Sell, Trade. While there, Jacquet asked to use the restroom and was allowed to go inside the home.

Gamble said a neighbor saw Jacquet carry a flat-screen TV out of the home and leave it hidden in some bushes so he could return to get it later.

The breaking and entering charge was for going with Barrett to the Splish Splash Laundry on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road, where they proceeded to break into the coin machines inside to take money on Oct. 31. In that case, Jacquet also was charged with possession of criminal tools and tampering with coin machines, charges which presumably will be dismissed at the time of sentencing. He had reportedly used a drill, hammer and screwdriver to get into the machines.

Sentencing for Jacquet is scheduled for May 18.

Barrett, 39, Laura Avenue, East Liverpool, is charged with complicity in the commission of an offense for his alleged involvement in the laundromat crime and complicity in commission of an offense for his alleged part in the burglary case. Both cases remain pending with hearings scheduled in February.



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