LISBON – In county Municipal Court, Eric J. Ream, 43, Lincoln Avenue, East Liverpool, was credited with 13 days served in jail, sentenced to seven additional days in jail, fined $1,305, had his license suspended for a year and required 40 hours community service for obstructing official business, possession of marijuana, driving under suspension, furnishing false info and loud exhaust. Ream had claimed to be his brother during the traffic stop on Aug. 6, when he had candy edible marijuana.

A Feb. 24 pretrial was set for Travis Rhodes, 29, East North Avenue, East Palestine, charged with assault and criminal mischief for allegedly assaulting another inmate at the jail, Tyler Robinson, on Feb. 1 and breaking a window at the county jail on Jan. 7.

A Feb. 20 pretrial was set for Lester D. Lovett Jr., 27, Linger Avenue, Alliance, charged with assault for allegedly harming fellow inmate Levi Shields at the jail on Feb. 1.

A March 19 pretrial was set for Nickolas Polin Perez, 28, Firestone Avenue, Columbiana, charged with OVI third offense, OVI refusal with prior within 20 years and speeding.

A March 17 pretrial was set for Eli D. Mabry, 28, Senica Avenue, Alliance, cited with OVI second offense, hit skip, driving under suspension and failure to control.

Nathaniel Baker, 21, Cleveland, was fined $805 and credited with 15 days in jail for OVI first offense, failure to reinstate a license, speeding and endangering children for having a child inside the vehicle at the time of the traffic stop.

Joseph W. Danko Jr., 29, Girard, was fined $705, had his license suspended for a year and required to attend a three-day counseling program for OVI first offense and speeding.

Michael A. Hamilton, 31, last known address state Route 154, Lisbon, was fined $300, credited with 11 days served in jail and sentenced to an additional four days in jail. On Feb. 2, when police came to speak with Hamilton about another matter, he became aggressive and lunged an them.

An April 6 pretrial was set for Devin Joseph Lodge, 18, East High Street, Leetonia, cited with failure to stop after an accident, failure to control and no license.

An April 2 pretrial was set for Lawrence Keith McBride, 49, New Garden Avenue, Salem, cited with driving under suspension, driving under FRA suspension, a stop sign violation and following too close.

Patrick Souders, 45, North Pleasant Drive, East Palestine, was fined $100 for violating a health department board order regarding the repairs to a failed septic.

A Feb. 25 pretrial as set for Kenneth Boyd Devore III, 22, Ohio Avenue, East Liverpool, cited with driving under FRA suspension and a turn signal violation.

A Feb. 24 pretrial as set for Logan Scott Daugherty, 24, Butcher Road, Leetonia, charged with illegal use of drug paraphernalia for an alleged meth pipe.

A March 19 pretrial was set for Robyn Parrish, 24, Shady Lane, Lisbon, charged with misuse of credit cards.

Kelly I. Herold-Hall, 46, East Third Street, Salem, was fined $100 for driving under suspension.

An April 6 pretrial was set for Paige I. Craig, 22, Black Road, Lisbon, cited with driving under FRA suspension.

An April 2 pretrial was set for Aynnalise K. Moore, 22, Woodsdale Drive, Hanoverton, cited with driving under suspension.

Matthew John Jerome, 33, Park Avenue, East Palestine, was fined $185 for speeding and driving under suspension.

Mitchell Scott McDowell, 26, Commerce Street, Wellsville, was fined $150 for an equipment violation amended from speeding.

Anastasia McDevitt, 19, Kirk Road, Columbiana, was fined $100 for speeding.

A preliminary hearing and pretrial was set for Richard R. Vecchio, 57, state Route 164, Lisbon, charged with aggravated menacing and menacing for allegedly becoming hostile toward police at the Drug Mart on Thursday, including repeatedly placing his finger in the face of a police officer and threatening, “I will break you.” Then at the county jail, Vecchio was asked to empty his pockets and became agitated again telling jail staff, “I will crush your skull.” Bond is set at $10,000 cash or surety.

A March 24 pretrial was set for Courtnie J. Coleman, 30, Wilbert Avenue, East Liverpool, charged with speeding and weapons while intoxicated after allegedly having a loaded Sig Sauer P238 in her purse during the Jan. 31 traffic stop on state Route 45 in Salem Township.

A March 5 pretrial was set for Debra L. Martin, 36, Washingtonville Road, Salem, cited with OVI first offense, left of center and lighted lights required.

A March 23 pretrial was set for David D. Price, 48, Chester, W.Va., cited with OVI first offense and a tail lights violation.

Michael R. Brown, 28, Cedar Ridge Road, Salem, was fined $480 for two counts of driving under suspension, a failure to control and possession of drug paraphernalia for a black container used to store marijuana.

A Feb. 20 pretrial was set for Daniel S. Yoder, 40, Leetonia Road, Leetonia, charged with assault for allegedly pushing Dan Forrider by pushing him through a door and onto the floor, then scratching Samuel McHugh across the left side of his face on Thursday.

Kathleen M. Glenn, 30, North Jackson, was fined $180 for driving under suspension and failure to control.

James E. Peck Jr., 38, Olive Street, Salem, was fined $150 for possession of marijuana paraphernalia.

Asheley D. Rochford, 21, Middle Beaver Road, Lisbon, was fined $80 for no license and slow speed.


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