Center Township

Ralph Kline Jr. to Bonnie Harehood, property on Shelby Road/Hilltop Drive; $22,000


Firestone Homestead to Denise Muslovski, trustee, 0.7 acres on Homestead Drive; $130,000

Columbiana Floral Co. to Payton Elwonger, home at 747 Springfield Road; $70,000

Margie Gaskill and Kathy Snyder to Roy Tate, home on West Southern Avenue; $60,000

Edward McNee to David and Christina Yansssens, trustees, home on Terra Verde Avenue; $750,000

Kayfay LLC to Zachary and Katherine King, home on Allen Avenue; $180,500

Jerry Beltempo, et al, to Sarah Finch, home on North West Street; $170,500

East Liverpool

Colonial Impact Fund to Rising Notes Investment, home at 1039 Vine St.; $12,000

Charles Griffith Jr., trustees, to Craig and Heidi Kemery, home on Oakwood Avenue; $119,000

Kris Cunningham to Michael and Crystal Wright, home on Orchard Grove Avenue; $24,097

Pamela Freeman to Shayala and Jesse Talerico, home on Shady Lane Avenue; $107,000

William Tittle to Scott Barnett, home on Cora Street; $13,500

East Palestine

James DeRhodes to Tim and Larisa Blythe, home on Brookdale Avenue; $148,000

U.S. Bank Trust to James and Carol Franklin, home on Market Street; $47,100

Dawn Kording to U.S. Bank Trust, home on North Avenue; $40,000

Fairfield Township

Shawn and Shauna Weaver to Lyndon and Kara Vanpelt, 14 acres on Fairfield School Road; $79,000

Hanover Township

Keith and Kimberly Stokes to Joseph Dina, et al, home on Charlton Street; $220,000

Knox Township

Grace McNeal to Joseph and Nicole Sanor, 30 acres on Georgetown Road; $154,000

James Toussant to Jason and Jamie Jackson, home on Homeworth Road; $215,000

Grace McNeal to James Dugan, home on North Shore; zero

Pernell and Michelle Peterson to Travis Keller, home on on Lake Street; $17,500


Cynthia and Lynn Groner to Theresa Farnsworth, home on Main Street; $73,000

Evergreen Investment Group to Stephen and Christine Buffone, home on Somer Street; $70,000


Robert and Kathleen Johnson to George and Gail Coutts, 1 acre on Churchill Road; $20,000

Liverpool Township

Brian Powell to David and Carolyn Hager, home on Stagecoach Road; $14,000

Perry Township

Constance Bennett to Assured Properties LLC, home on Madison Avenue; $12,658

Robert Skomra to Thomas and Patricia Graham, home on Allen Road; $169,900


Martin Ciminelli Jr. to Huntington National Bank, home on West Pershing Street; $5,100

Allen Baker to Denise Buttermore, home on Sixth Street; $88,500

Olivia and Andrew Gruber, trustees, to Andrew and Rosario Cole, home on Merle Road; $135,000

Jeanette DeShields to Tim and Denise Dickey, home on Southeast Boulevard; $58,000

Robert and Rupert Jr. to Lakeview Loan Servicing, home on Sixth Street; $60,000

St. Clair Township

Logan Hoppel to Marshall and Allyson Atkinson, home on Park Circle; $189,500

Scott and Clare Owens to Logan and Marissa Hoppel, home on Lantz Court; $405,000

Earl and Rosa St. George to Derrick and Olivia Smith, home on Y & O Road; $166,500

Unity Township

Yarian Brothers to Collin and Jennifer Conner, home and 2 acres on Hadley Road; $200,000

Shawn Boston to Jack Wine and Victoria Richardson, home on Myway Lane; $177,000

Wayne Township

Paul and Susan Buechel to Patrick and Kerri Davis, 22 acres on state Route 164; $291,900

West Township

Gage Chesnut to Jacob Blake, home on Quaker Church Road; $125,000

Yellow Creek Township

G.B. Farms Family Limited Partners to Jason and Miriam Miller, 180 acres on Bolivar Road; $471,689

G.B. Farms Family Limited Partners to Aden and Betty Troyer, 25 acres on Bolivar Road; $108,247


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