Center Township

Roger Higginbotham to David and Mary Myers, home and 1.4 acres on Freeman Road; $85,000


Yankee Holdings to David and Patricia Ault, home and 1 acres on Fairfield Avenue; $126,000

Tan Ver Development to Seth Harmon, 0.3 acres on Hawkins Lane; $32,000

East Liverpool

Christopher Earnest to Larry Davis, home on Canton Street; $9,000

Jason Wolski and Sunny Ibbs to Bradley Gibson III, home on Perry Street; $62,000

Buckeye Online School for Success, six lots on Walnut Street; $295,000

Ernest Peachey to David and Sharon Kidder, home on Center Street; $22,000

East Palestine

Jeff and Tammy Smith to Garrett Peterson, home on Clark Street; $87,500

Steve O’Neill to Franklin O’Neil, home on Clark Avenue; $40,000

Elkrun Township

CCU Coal & Construction to Fairmont Road South LLC, home and 3 acres at 43578 Fairmont Road; $40,000

Fairfield Township

New Castle LLC to Roy Shetler, home at 4666 state Route 7; $30,000

Hanover Township

Margie Raymond to Catherine Morgan and Joseph Reckla, home and 5 acres on Speidel Road; $135,000


Derek and Melissa Siebert to Korey Barr, home on Chestnut Street; $68,000

Lori and James McLaughlin Jr. to Edward Pacola, home on Mill Street; $175,000

Madison Township

Anthony and Karen Cataldo to Carl Ballerstein, home on Glasgow Road; $165,000

David and Linda Wolski to Jason and Sunny Wolski, home on state Route 518; $78,000

Middleton Township

Michael and Bridgette Murphy to Herbert and Jeannette Buzzard, property on Ottawa Trail; $300

New Waterford

Shirey Properties to David Blue, duplex on Taylor Street; $113,500


Evelyn and Dean Sidwell to Madden Funeral Home, home on Hawley Avenue; $19,500

Zach Halverstadt, et al, to Gary Eichler Jr. (sheriff’s sale), home on Ridgewood Drive; $47,000

Stacie Kissell-Klueber, et al, to Joshua and Brandi Paukner, home on East Eighth Street; $89,900

Wells Fargo Bank to William Long, home on Washington Avenue; $53,000

Daniel Bell to Citimortgage Inc., home on East Third Street; $14,000

Lakeview Loan Servicing to HGT LLC, home at 440 W. Fifth St.; $65,200

Jery Jackson to Chester Waters, home on Ridgewood Drive; $79,500

Mary Roberts to Ryan and Jayme Crowell, home and 1.3 acres on Lincoln Avenue; $254,000


Thomas Kellogg to Jessie and Edwin Chase Jr., home on Main Street; $79,000

St. Clair Township

Katherine Hart to Tina Gump, home on Clearview Drive; $120,000

Gladys Means to Tim Felton, home on Y & O Road; $45,000

Kelly and Raymond Emmerling Jr. to Christine Heaton, home and 2.2 acres on Grimms Bridge Road; gift

Unity Township

Thomas Collela, et al, to Pine Hill Farm Holdings, 9.2 acres on Hawkins Road; $60,000

Kathy Felger to Keith Buhecker, home and 1.5 acres Kibler Road; $42,100

Scott Steele to Charles and Karen Gorby, 3.9 acres on Adams Road; $30,000

Washington Township

Michelle Parson, et al, to David and Fannie Schmucker, 65 acres on Osbourne Road; $195,533

U.S. Bank National Association to Roger and Kari Sevek, home on Steubenville Pike; $23,500


Gregory and Karen Thrasher to Brian McFall, home on Clark Avenue; $16,000


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