— A state Route 517, Elkton, woman reported at 7:16 p.m. Thursday, her neighbor was destroying her flower bed around her mailbox. Deputies discovered the flower bed actually was around both mailboxes. Speaking to the neighbor, deputies learned the woman has been taking down the American flags the neighbor has been placing on and around her mailbox. Deputies spoke to the first woman and told her to move her flower bed so it is only around her mailbox and to stop taking things from the neighbor’s mailbox.

— A state Route 45, Salem Township, woman reported her daughter was threatening to call police if she did not return her DVD. The woman said her daughter and her daughter’s husband were harassing her by telephone. She was told to block the number and deputies told the daughter to leave her mother alone.

— A state Route 644, Hanover Township, woman reported she was scammed by someone who called claiming to be from the Social Security Administration. The caller claimed the woman had a Toyota Corolla registered in her name, which was found in El Paso, Texas, with drugs, blood, credit cards and bank account information tied to the woman. She gave the caller her Social Security number and address, but when she told the caller she did not have a bank account, the caller hung up on her.

— A Sunset Drive, Yellow Creek Township, woman reported at 11:24 a.m. Thursday her bulldog was stolen from her yard. The brown and white dog has a license and is up to date with its shots. Deputies spoke to a couple of neighbors, both who said they had not seen the dog. The dog warden’s office was notified in case they find the dog.


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