Municipal Court

LISBON — In County Municipal Court, Chad A. Cerrone, 31, Newton Falls, was bound over to the grand jury on a receiving stolen property charge after he allegedly had a stolen vehicle on Feb. 6, which had been taken from the parking lot of the Columbiana Police Department.

An Aug. 3 pretrial was set for Alyssa Wolfe, 26, Ambrose Avenue, East Liverpool, charged with assault for allegedly slapping Erica Holshue in the face on Sunday.

A June 11 pretrial was set for Timothy A. Holden, 61, Walnut Street, Rogers, charged with domestic violence for allegedly attempting to attack his grandchild on May 29 and then when the child’s mother stepped in front of him, Holden reportedly pinned his daughter, Chinia Shields, to the wall by her throat, choking her, and grabbed her wrist.

A June 11 pretrial was set for Charles P. McQuillan, 60, West Woodland Avenue, Columbiana, cited with domestic violence for allegedly threatening to kill his brother, Robert McQuillan, with a hammer on Sunday.

Tracy Vangiesen, 53, Washington Street, Lisbon, was sentenced to three days in jail, fined $300 and required 80 hours of community service for prohibitions concerning animals and abandoning animals. She was further ordered not to own any companion animals. On Nov. 4, the county deputy dog warden found five dogs in a house on Sherman Street in Lisbon, where the previous resident of the house, Vangiesen, had moved out. The house was filled with trash, feces and urine and the dogs appeared dehydrated and slightly malnourished.

A June 11 pretrial was set for Joshua M. Seeley, 35, East State Street, Salem, charged with receiving stolen property, criminal trespassing and two counts of theft. Three of the charges are for allegedly failing to pay for a $70 drill at Salem Walmart on Friday, where he was told not to return on Feb. 23, when he allegedly stole $278 in merchandise from Salem Walmart. The other charge alleges Seeley had stolen patio furniture and tools belonging to a South Union Avenue woman on May 20.

Stephen M. Smith, 41, Parma, was fined $875, had his license suspended for a year, sentenced to five days in jail and required 40 hours community service for OVI first offense, no license and failure to dim.

A June 18 disposition hearing was set for David Matthew Rumsey, 36, Yates Road, Salem, who pleaded no contest to OVI first offense and speeding.

A July 28 pretrial was set for Ronald D. Moore, 41, Akron, cited with falsification for allegedly giving a Lisbon police officer a false name, Eddie Kirk, to mislead them on Oct. 15, 2001.

A July 30 pretrial was set for Kaine Logan Copeland, 29, West Perry Avenue, Salem, cited with OVI first offense, drug paraphernalia, no license, failure to control and a seat belt violation.

Shawn I. Rogers, 38, Shaker Heights, was fined $250 for no license.

Leanna M. Howell, 32, East Main Street, Salineville, was fined $230 for driving under FRA suspension and failure to control.

Randall Jay Fegert, 56, East Fourth Street, Salem, was fined $175 for driving under suspension and speeding.

Dalton Smith, 19, West Park Avenue, Columbiana, was fined $500 and required 20 hours community service for underage consumption, driving on a permit improperly and temporary permit required.

Matthew S. Lehman, 41, Beaver Street, Lisbon, was fined $150 for possession of marijuana.

A July 30 pretrial was set for Angelina M. Carosella, 45, Beard Road, New Springfield, cited with drug paraphernalia for allegedly having a blue straw with white residue on Friday.

A July 28 pretrial was set for Mitchell A. Faller, Beaver Falls, Pa., cited with underage consumption after purchasing eight bottles of liquor totaling $171 from the East Palestine Liquor Stop using a fictitious Ohio identification card on April 16 after the April 13 COVID-19 order was issued prohibiting the sale of liquor to out of state residents.

A July 28 pretrial was set for Mandy M. Spahr, 42, Spillway Road, Lisbon, for a disorderly conduct public intoxication citation.

Chester Alan Meade, 52, Morgan Court, Salem, was fined $100 for animals at large.

Wesley Bryan, 32, Salem-Alliance Road, Salem, was fined $100 for an equipment violation amended from speeding.

Rita Joseph Cantwell, 58, Carrie Lane, Leetonia, was fined $50 for an equipment violation amended from failure to control.

A miscellaneous wildlife violation was dismissed against Williams S. Willis II, 28, Ridge Road, Minerva, who had allegedly parked in an area not designated for parking at Highlandtown Lake Wildlife Area.

A July 30 pretrial was set for Jordan Ashleigh Bruce, 29, Main Street, Leetonia, cited with driving under suspension.


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