Butler Township

Scott and Ronald Mercer to Ronald Mercer, home and 1.2 acres on Winona Road; $40,000


Jack and Lynne Azar to Patrick and Eric Mungai, home on North Main Street; $79,500

Tan Ver Development to Christopher and Stephanie Reidy, 0.33 acres on Hawkins Lane; $32,000

Anne Walston to Thomas Titus, home on Homestead Drive; $417,500

East Liverpool

Jason Boyd to Matthew Coleman, home on Orchard Grove Avenue; $95,500

Tammy May, trustee, to Kyle Fenton, home on Wedgewood Street; $15,000

Deborah McKinnon to Kelly Parrish, home on Sunset Drive; $41,250

Kurt and Rachelle Kessler to Brittini Duris and Brian Noble, home and 1 acre on Dresden Avenue; $9,000

Kurt and Rachelle Kessler to Brittini and Brian Duris and Brian Noble, 0.7 acres on Dresden Avenue; $1,000

William and Juston Brunner to Brittini Duris and Brian Noble, 0.5 acres on Dresden Avenue; $4,000

East Palestine

Lori and John McBride Jr. to Mike Douds and Ashley Reich, home and 1.3 acres on Timber Run Street; $145,000

Paul Cope to Mark and Patrice Safreed, 0.4 acres on Champagne Court; $17,000

James DeRhodes to Ricky Carr, home on Brookdale Avenue; $145,000

Scott and Terri Rauch to Brooke Moore, home on Garfield Avenue; $67,000

Fairfield Township

David Conrad, et al, to Gregory Gerner, home and 4.6 acres on Kelly Park Road; $267,500

Ken and Patricia Gallagher to Dale Zeitler, 5 acres on Middleton Road; $25,000

Franklin Township

William Reinhart, et al, to William Reinhart, 12.6 acres on Emerick Road; $150,350

Hanover Township

Robert and Jacqueline West to Thomas Horsfall, 5 acres on Gavers Road; $30,000

Jesse Grunder to Brian and Dana Miller, home on Hillside Drive; $98,500

Mike Gibbs to Robert and Janice Mobley, home on Camp Boulevard; $90,000

Joseph Mong to Kevin and Patti Kober, 1.1 acres on Pass Lane; $11,000

Joseph Mong to Wayne and Cindy Wallace, 2.2 acres on state Route 172; $66,000

MMC Investment Properties to Bailey Figler, home at 33212 Votaw Drive; $188,900

Knox Township

Jerry Shafer to John Barnhart, property on Main Street; $1,000


J & A Machine Co. to Cynthia Lanterman, 2 acres on Thomas Road; exempt

Madison Township

Richard Young to Donna McCuen, home on Y & O Road; exempt

Cindy and Edward Sampson to David and Katawny Cassidy, property on Glasgow Road; $17,400

Knapp Road LLC to Armadillo Development, 46 acres on East Liverpool Road; $127,000

Jerry Mostella Jr. to Rebekah Switzer, home and 1 acre on state Route 45; $130,000

Middleton Township

Marlene Shaffer to Joshua Henderson, home and 21 acres on Echo Dell Road; $135,000

Ronald and Patricia Weaver to Ronald Weaver Jr., 16.4 acres on Union Ridge Road; $130,000

Lisa Duty to Jacob Ratkovich, house trailer and 1 acre on Ohio Line Road; $20,400


Frances Sarver to Quicken Loans, home on Walnut Street; $24,000

Perry Township

Don Santee to KDC Properties, 8 acres on state Route 344; $105,000

GP Capital Management to Douglas Pfouts, home at 435 Pidgeon Road; $140,000


W. Keith and Linda Duganne to David Biggins, commercial property at 231 W. Second St.; $250,000

Erin McGaughey to Scott and Bonnie Swigert, home on Home Circle; $111,500

Gary Sebrell to Debra Colvin, home on East Perry Street; $93,000

Amanda Wasserman to Karina Keller, home on Superior Avenue; $70,000

400 Legacy Lane Realty to Salem DG LLC, 1.6 acres on Legacy Lane; $155,000

Susan Rohleder, trustee, to Daniel Olin Jr. and Nichole Donnell, home on Tanglewood Drive; $209,900

Salem Township

John and Cathy Wilms to Melvin Kiehl, home on Main Street; $2,900


Linda Crawford to Christopher Saling, home on Main Street; 0

St. Clair Township

Andrew Janowski to Jarrod and Kristen Bloor, home and 1.8 acres on Duke Road; $200,000

Frank and Cathy Barnhart to Courtney Fitch, et al, home on Meadowbrook Circle; $180,000

Joyce Davis to Thomas McKinney, condominium on Eagle Drive; $240,000

William Billingsley to Janice Rodfong, condominium on Eagle Drive; $216,000

Curtis Palmer to Shirl Milton and Michael Nicholson, home and 5.4 acres on McCoy Avenue; $150,000

Kenneth Doughty and Kimberly Franczek to Dalton Corman, home on Martha Street; $83,400


Gary and Bonnie Lemasters to Ross Holt, home on Riverside Avenue; $45,000

Dwayne Hazlett to Jessica McKeegan, home on Highland Avenue; 0

Potter Players Community Theater to Liberty Theatre Association, property at 515 Main St.; 0

West Township

David and Julia Rapini to Steve Jenkins and Tom McGuire, home on Myers Road; $75,000

Unity Township

Evelyn Boudreau to Sean Dematteis, home on Waterford Road; $142,500

Yellow Creek Township

G.B. Farms Family Limited to Jody Lease and Danyelle Miller, trustees, 26 acres on Bolivar Road; $136,378

Kimberly and Todd Clark to Shawn Harhold, home and 2.3 acres on McKee Road; $78,000


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