All in a day’s ‘good’ work

CALCUTTA — A local Boy Scout stopped to help a deputy clear a downed tree that fell across Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road in St. Clair Township, during Monday afternoon’s storm.

While the deputy was attempting to set up warning flares, passing motorists ignored the flares and were passing on a double-yellow line and in the opposite line of travel. A young man named Justin Tatsch — who could see the deputy was having trouble with motorists — pulled over, saying his vehicle could drag it off the road.

The deputy told him help was on the way, but Tatsch persisted. The deputy finally relented and let the young man pull the tree off the road, with the help of other motorists who had stopped to assist. Tatsch later identified himself as a member of Boy Scouts of America Troop 2012 out of East Liverpool, and he said Scouts are encouraged to do a good deed daily.


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