Center Township

David and Mary Myers to Richard and Lauren Higgins, home and 1.4 acres on Freeman Road; $172,000

U.S. Bank to James Wallace, home and 2.1 acres on Saltwell Road; $61,300


Helen Gorby to Philip and Judith Nelson, home on Apache Lane; $200,000

Joseph and Judith Lawton to Scott and Clare Owens, condominium on Stonehaven Drive; $275,000

Samuel and Marian Birch to Kathleen Martin, home and 2 acres on Fairfield Avenue; $121,500

Firestone Homestead to Selah Homes Oh, 0.5 acre lot on Homestead Drive; $64,000

Firestone Homestead to Roger and Barbara Gallo, 0.4 acre lot on Canterbury Court; $32,900

Firestone Homestead to Hasheen Wilson, 0.36 acre lot on Homestead Drive; $66,000

Kenneth Gallagher, et al, to Robert and Betty Belding, home on Firestone Avenue; $360,000

Firestone Homestead to Richard and Gayle Noel, 0.36 acres on Homestead Drive; $66,000

Craig Susany, et al, to Jason and Leah Wilson, 0.45 acres on Terra Verde Avenue; $60,000

Tyler Furrie to Kyle and Michelle Dara, 0.46 acres on Juniper Drive; $38,500

East Liverpool

David J. Morgan to Zachery Morris, home on Ambrose Avenue; $52,000

Richard and Lauren Higgins to Mary and Myron Galeno, home on Thompson Avenue; $130,000

James and William Franke to Jeffrey and Julie Kreefer, residential structure on Bradshaw Avenue; $28,000

Roberta Baker to Robert Petty, home on Ninth Street; $13,500

East Palestine

Jose and Pamela Martinez to Samuel Bailey, home on Carbon Hill Road; $70,000

Shawn and Kayla Hartman to Paul Hartman II, home on Martin Street; $61,400

U.S. Bank Trust to Marcia Carr, home on North Avenue; $29,000

Elaine Bendle, et al, to John and Stephanie Demster, 1.2 acres on Carbon Hill Road; $10,000

Fairfield Township

Matt and Lindsay Hildreth to Matt and Delana Henderson, home and 1 acres Woodvale Lane; $265,000

Tim and Laura Woida to Larry Herbert, home on Woodvale Lane; $310,000

Kenneth and Joyce Hicks to Matt and Lindsay Hildreth, home and 9.5 acres on Kirk Road; $375,000

Patricia Bolton to James DeGenova, et al, home on High Street; $73,000

Matt and Annalee Hutchison to Donald O’Brien, home on Kelly Park Road; $185,000

Franklin Township

Dorothy Ketchum to Mark and Isaiah Chestnut, home on Foundry Hill Road; $59,750

Hanover Township

Ronald and Ruth Ann Fisher to Graham Bigelow, residential structure on Lakeside Drive; $21,000

Paul and Carmen Ferris to Angel and Michael Mazack, home on Wooddale Drive; $230,000

Knox Township

Walter Mindling to Bryda and William Beadnell Jr., trustees, home on Mahoning Avenue; $2,400

David and Connie Wilkinson to Anthony Rupert, home on Lakepoint Drive; $100,000

Terry Gott to Bryan and Lyndsey Wade, home on North Street; $68,500


Shelly Moore to Richard and Mona Rance, 6 acres on Leetonia Road; $30,000

Amber Susany to Melissa Slamic and Joshua Clark, home on Columbia Street; $113,350


Brandi Smith to Mallory Billingsley, home on West Pine Street; $69,000

Gerald and Nola Carman to Zachary Buren, home on West Washington Street; $80,000

Liverpool Township

Gary Saltsman to Jacob Woyan, home on Hill Boulevard; $76,850

Middleton Township

Clinton Hodge to McKayla Board, house trailer on Vale Road; $99,500

Harold Feezle, et al, to Kristin and John Masucci, home on Tomahawk Drive; $245,000

New Waterford

Wilma Weaver to Kevin Graham, home on Main Street; $73,000

Polly Johnston to Jacob McBride, home on Main Street; $72,000

Perry Township

Richard and Amanda Willis to Miranda Smith and Austin Wolford, home on Benton Road; $115,000

Susan and H. Tyson Deloach Jr. to Adam Lang and Emily Knicely, home on North Union Avenue; $220,000

John Tarasut to Rhonda Hilliard, property on Lake Avenue; $600


Tim and Kathleen Weingart to Lydia Wilmoth, home on Westview Drive; $170,000

Larry Wood to Mackenzie Firth, home on Cleveland Street; $112,250

Brenda Hawkins to Virginia and Ronald Shank II, home on Arch Street; $50,000

Marisa and Bryant Bezon to Tylor Almy, home on Carole Circle; $129,900

Moinell Snyder to Robert and Kathleen Householder, home on Shady Lane; $150,700

Loretta Bielski to Skymount Properties, home on Fair Avenue;

Amber and Jared Thompson to Stefan and Sarah Letonek, home on North Ellsworth Avenue; $65,000

DeEllen McFarland to Amber Sienerth, home on Liberty Street; $79,500

John and Ardith Untch to Jeremy and Janet Ferguson, home on Merle Road; $115,000

Karen Bucher to Ronald Daugherty Jr., home on South Union Avenue; $90,000

Robert Hall to SLW Development, property on West Pershing Street; $12,000

St. Clair Township

Cy Edison to Justin Cochran, et al, home on Skyview Drive; $165,000

Larry Adkins to RMH Rentals, apartment building at 15970 St. Clair Ave.; $147,000

Sherman Pritt to Dan Wallace, property Y & O Road; $10,000

Randall and Kathryn Frampton to DCS Homes, medical office at 49190 Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road; $375,000

Joann Dailey to Dennis and Sarah McConnell, home and 1.1 acres on Amarillo Drive; $238,000

Unity Township

Pamela Johnson to David Perkins, home on Metz Road; $131,000


Margaret Scarabino to Destiny Earich, home on Wood Street; $28,700

Jan Wasko to Charles Heiney, home on Clark Avenue; $500

Yellow Creek Township

Doug and Tonya Mays to Blessing Acres Farms, 50 acres on Wells Hollow Road; $120,000


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