— A child trapped in a seat belt was cut out of it at 6:09 p.m. Aug. 1 in the 600 block of Deming Street.

— Juveniles knocking on doors were reported at 7:08 p.m. Aug. 1 in the 900 block of West Pershing Street.

— Police received a call regarding an unwanted subject at 7:26 p.m. Aug. 1 in the 1400 block of North Ellsworth Street. Because the person was a legal occupant of the home, he volunteered to leave for the night to prevent further issues.

— A drive off was reported at 7:51 p.m. Aug. 1 in the 900 block of East State Street.

— Officers received a call regarding a suspicious vehicle parked in the 700 block of East State Street for the past six hours. At 9:17 p.m., they made contact and were told they were listening to music. The occupants were told to move along.

— An intoxicated male resident decided to stay in his apartment, after allegedly getting in a verbal dispute with his neighbors shortly before 11:27 p.m. Aug. 1.

— A stolen bicycle was reported at 1:20 p.m. Aug. 1 in the 100 block of Sharp Avenue.

— Drug paraphernalia was recovered at 1:24 p.m. Aug. 1 from a residence in the 600 block of West Wilson, where it was found when cleaning up after a former tenant.

— A Wellsville man reported at 3:32 p.m. Aug. 1 that he was shopping at a store in the 2300 block of East State Street when he was cut by broken glass from a product.

— Phone harassment was reported at 1:58 a.m. Aug. 1 in the 100 block of Ohio Avenue.

— Debit cards were recovered at 11:06 p.m. July 31 from an ATM in the 100 block of South Ellsworth and at 4:09 p.m. Aug. 31 from a business in the 400 block of Prospect Street. They were taken to the police station for safekeeping.

— Someone tried to pry open a woman’s vehicle doors in the 200 block of South Broadway, she reported at 7:05 p.m. July 31.

— Unlicensed solicitors were advised at 3:48 p.m. July 31 in the 2400 block of East State Street to cease their activities.

East Palestine

— An East Martin resident reported that a Rottweiler tried to attack her dog shortly before 1 a.m. July 24 when she took it outside.

— A French Street man reported at 2:48 p.m. July 24 that he discovered some suspicious items in the woods behind his house.

— A Pennsylvania resident reported at 7:32 p.m. July 25 that his vehicle was damaged while he was at a friend’s house on Leake Street.

— Terry R. Miller, no address listed, was arrested at 1:17 a.m. July 26 on charges of carrying concealed weapons, menacing as well as fleeing and eluding, after responding to the 300 block of South Market Street for a dispute≥

— An officer was dispatched at 11:14 a.m. July 26 to an address in the first block of Oak Street, after an unaccompanied toddler wandered into the yard of a neighboring home. The child’s sister had been babysitting.

— Travis S. Rhodes, no address listed, was arrested on an outstanding warrant shortly after police responded at 1:56 p.m. July 26 in the first block of North Walnut Street for a possible overdose.

— A North Market Street resident reported at 5:18 p.m. July 26 in the 400 block of North Market Street that he found a hypodermic syringe in his back yard.

— An East Martin Street resident reported at 6:47 p.m. July 26 that his foster child was unruly.

— A caller reported a possible drunk male riding his bike that keeps falling down at 7:42 p.m. July 26 in the first block of James Street. He was warned for public intoxication and escorted home.

— A tenant of the 5000 block of state Route 170 reported that she received a letter from her landlord, forbidding the display of a Confederate flag. She was instructed it was a civil matter and to contact an attorney.

— A woman from the 500 block of North Sumner Street reported at 11:56 a.m. July 27 that someone had stolen her child support debit card from her car and used it at Circle K. Investigation is pending.

— Officers responded at 2:20 p.m. July 27 to the first block of East Grant Street for a suicidal juvenile.

— While patrolling, an officer found two open garage doors at a West North Avenue residence. The homeowner advised that he had forgotten to close them when going to bed.

— Luis Bravo, of North Olmstead, was cited at 8:28 a.m. July 29 for no operator’s license following a West Main Street traffic stop.

— Police responded at 3:44 p.m. July 29 to a residence in the first block of Leake Street for loud music. The subject said that she would turn it down.

— An anonymous female called police to report a couple snooping around in her trash before walking across the street to McDonald’s. The officer was unable to locate the couple.

— A Clark Street resident called shortly after midnight July 30 to report that her 16-year-old foster child had taken a large number of pills. The juvenile was transported to a local hospital for treatment.


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