Deputies were called to a domestic dispute on Wooddale Drive, Hanover Township, on Wednesday afternoon, where a woman accused her fiance of trying to hit her with a knife. She had very faint bruises on her arm that appeared to be older. The fiance denied assaulting her but said he did try to grab the knife from her while she was trying to open a package and a struggle ensued, with him pushing her. He said they were arguing because she continues to order items online using his personal information. The woman declined to press charges but was advised how to obtain a protection order and evict him if she wanted.

–A corrections officer at the county jail called Aug. 1 to say that during a shake down of inmate cells suspected narcotics were found. The item, wrapped in cloth with a rubber band holding it closed, was determined not to be a narcotic.

–Deputies responding to a suspicious vehicle call on state Route 172, Hanover Township, at 11:21 p.m. Tuesday found a man with a vehicle camping in the area. The man said he was homeless and did not mean to cause a problem. The man was told the property owner did not want him there, so he began packing up to leave.


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