LISBON — William D. Barrett Jr., 38, East Fifth Street, Salem, pleaded guilty to felony charges in two separate cases in Common Pleas Court. In one case he pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property, a fifth-degree felony, and complicity to burglary, a second-degree felony. He faces up to nine years in prison and a $17,500 fine in that case. In a second case he pleaded guilty to burglary, a third-degree felony; breaking and entering, a fifth-degree felony; and receiving stolen property, a first-degree misdemeanor. He faces up to four and a half years in prison and a $13,500 fine. Sentencing for both cases is set for Nov. 30. On May 18, 2019, Barrett had the belongings of another person, including a wide screen TV, women’s make up, CDs and an Xbox game player hand control belonging to Shania Voigt. Then on Sept. 20, 2019, Barrett assisted William Jacquet in burglarizing the home of Lisa Thompson, Milbourne Avenue, East Liverpool. On Aug. 15, 2019, Barrett went into an attached garage on Maple Avenue, Wellsville, taking a Mongoose bike, Craftsman air compressor, an Xbox and an Xbox game controller, items belonging to Kay Montgomery and Jamie Heffner.

Kevin Lee Reynolds 46, La Croft Avenue, East Liverpool, pleaded guilty to attempted having weapons while under a disability, a fourth-degree felony, which was a lesser-included offense to the third-degree felony having weapons while under a disability charge he was initially facing. His disposition hearing was set for Dec. 14 when Reynolds could be sentenced to up to 18 months in prison and a $5,000 fine. On June 7, 2019, Reynolds had a rifle in the bedroom when he was previously convicted of a felony aggravated assault.

Gary M. Rowles II, 37, West Ohio Avenue, Sebring, pleaded guilty to a fifth-degree felony possession of drugs and two counts of misdemeanor possession of drugs. The maximum sentence for the charges is 18 months in prison, a five-year license suspension and a $4,500 fine. On Oct. 1, 2017, Rowles had methamphetamine, clonazepam and lorazepam.


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