LISBON — Ryan D. Wilson, 30, Barclay Avenue, Salem, was sentenced in Common Pleas Court to a minimum of two years and a possible sentence of up to three years for tampering with evidence and two counts of felonious assault. Wilson was responsible for stabbing Eric Collins and Elija Beiling multiple times in the driveway of his home on Aug. 22, 2019. Wilson then threw the wooden handled kitchen knife into a fire in the backyard of his home, where it was found by police. Wilson was credited with 83 days in jail.

James M. Bushman, 46, Commerce Street, Wellsville, pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of a fentanyl-related compound for having substances containing carfentanil and either acetyl-fentanyl or fentanyl on March 12, 2020. He requested immediate sentencing and was sentenced to nine months in prison concurrent with the year he is currently serving in another drug-related case.

Jack L. Dunham Jr., 59, Riffle Road, New Waterford, was placed on three-years community control for charges of assault, resisting arrest and criminal damaging. On Nov. 12, Dunham had harmed Lisbon Patrolman Sarina Stacy, by striking her in the face while they attempted to take him into custody after Dunham had damaged a 2003 Land Rover belonging to Eric J. Davis.

Cody S. Wilt, 28, Aten Avenue, Wellsville, pleaded guilty to aggravated possession of drugs for having methamphetamines on Aug. 9. Wilt faces up to a year in prison and a $2,500 fine. Sentencing is set for Nov. 23.

Jasmine M. Jackson, 24, Youngstown, pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence, possession of heroin and two counts of possession of a fentanyl related compound. Sentencing is set for Dec. 21. She’s facing up to 12 years in prison, a $40,000 fine and a five-year license suspension if the counts all run consecutively. Jackson had heroin, acetyl fentanyl and a fentanyl-related compound on Jan. 3, 2019, when she attempted to hide the drugs from the Highway Patrol by placing the drugs inside herself.

Randy Martin, 34, Broadway, Wellsville, pleaded guilty to grand theft of motor vehicle. He faces up to 18 months in prison and a $5,000. Sentencing is set Dec. 21. On Oct. 9, 2019, Martin had a 1996 Toyota pickup belonging to Jared Clark, which was removed from the garage where Clark had been storing it and was being driven by Martin.

Ashlinn N. Sykes, 33, Youngstown, was found eligible for intervention in lieu of conviction and pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine and two counts of possession of drugs for having cocaine,alprazolam and tramadol on May 26, 2018. She was placed on a three-year intervention treatment plan.

Taylor A. Madison, 27, Summit Street, Salineville, was found eligible for intervention in lieu of conviction. Madison pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine for having a compound mixture containing the substance on Aug. 31, 2018. Madison was placed on a four year intervention treatment plan.


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