Butler Township

Sherri Campbell to James and Elizabeth Grimm, home and 6.7 acres on Georgetown-Damascus Road; $172,000

Marie Ballinger to Huntington National Bank, home on Georgetown-Damascus Road; $77,600


Virginia Kinney to Eric Davidson and Lauren Houck, home on Seventh Street; $156,500

Ronald and Mary Toney-Gill to Keith and Carol Musselman, home on James Street; $170,000

Kathleen McElwain to Christopher and Amanda Herman, condominium on Prestwick Court; $357,000

East Liverpool

William Connell to Roland Maze, home on Fourth Street; $27,000

Ronald and Carol McGaffick to Vincent and Sheila Milewski, two lots on Sophia Street; $1,800

Fairfield Township

Raymond Wagner Jr. to Sherry and William A. Stewart Jr., home on Edward Circle; $150,000

Hanover Township

Cheryl Anderson to Nathan and Angela Benner, home on Wooddale Drive; $90,000

Knox Township

Douglas and Kimberly Schaffer to Robin and Janet Carr, home on Lake Front Drive; $243,000


David Smith and Harold Feezle to Garett Anderson, home on Waddell Street; $82,000

Evergreen Investment Group to John Gorby Jr., home at 363 Columbia St.; $76,500


Thomas Scott to Peter and Tetiana Vroman, home on West Lincoln Way; $150,000

Liverpool Township

JW Jet Al to Kim and Jay Mattern, home at 2080 Campground Road; $77,500

Madison Township

Robert Vojnovich to Robert Parilla II, home and 1.5 acres on Buckeye Road; $128,051

Paul Brown Jr., et al, to Cory Boggs, home and 10 acres on Cusick Road; $170,500

Perry Township

Hartzell Family Trust to James and Connie Ballard, home on Southridge Drive; $280,000

Richard Stapleton to Benjamin Wetzler, home on East 11th Street; $135,000


Victoria Martig to Bessie Boston, condominium on Maple Street; $118,000

Phillip Tetlow and Diane Emch to Diane Emch, home on Fairview Court; $39,000

RCG Inc. to Don Santee, 5.7 acres on Painter Road; $100,000

Jacquelyn Eshelman, trustee, to William Snyder, condominium on Orchard Bend Drive; $235,000

Jesse and Meghan Ritchie to Mark McCartney, home on Jennings Avenue; $126,000

Mary Whiteleather to Reva Thomas and Elliott Citino, home on East Third Street; $75,000

Dawn Coffield to Robert Sorrell, home on Fifth Street; $83,500

Patrick Andres, et al, to SLW Development, home on West Pershing Street; $85,000\

City Bank Investment to Coffee Real Estate, bank building on East State Street; $280,000

Salem Township

David Hunsbarger, et al, to Michael and Sara Anderson, home and 18 acre on Teegarden Road; $325,000

Ronald and Rebecca Grey to James Fender and Jean George, 2 acres on state Route 45; $7,000

Beverly Brown to Cynthia and David Matak, trustees, home on Foxden Drive; $385,000

St. Clair Township

Brad and Ashley McNear to Jared and Erin Archer, home on Hickman Road; $338,000

Christopher Green to Jeff Waugh, home on Bloomfield Avenue; $165,000

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Norman Fitch Jr., home at 49477 McCoy Ave.; 0

D & R Properties to Lawrence Mead Jr., et al, home and 10 acres at 47053 Y & O Road; $150,000

Unity Township

Kathryn Mistovich to Gretchen Ocilka, home on Metz Road; $170,000


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