Charles Beiling, trustee, to Cardinal Lots LLC, 1 acre on Eldon Court; $75,000

Rosell Baker to Brian and Rachel Grant, home on Pueblo Lane; $230,000

Robert Hall to Frank and Lori Osretkar, home on Seventh Street; $157,000

East Liverpool

Beverly Guiterrez to Ervan Hickman, home on Henry Street; $87,700

Ray and Nanette Sullivan to JD & BD Properties, home on Riverview Street; $36,000

Douglas Dahl to Keven and Nichole Morrison, home on East Third Street; $50,000

Fairfield Township

Wayne and Victoria Holtom to John and Lori Perhach, home on Lower Elkton Road; $129,900

Hanover Township

John Moser to Bernet Family Farms, 17 acres on Sanor Road; $79,790

Joy Bernet to Brian Malone, home on state Route 172; $170,000

Middleton Township

Kerry Pitts to Christopher and Lucretia Evans, home on state Route 154; $20,000

Karen Shank to 47267 Tomahawk Drive LLC, two lots on Allegheny Trail; $2,000

Sherry DeRhodes to Daniel Heck, 22 acres on state Route 170; $75,000

Perry Township

Mark Taylor to Warren Ford II and Darcy Robison, home on Devonshire Drive; $151,850

Robert and Wilma Grams to Keith and Karen High, condominium on South Lincoln Avenue; $172,500


Kevin and Rebecca Melhorn to Rodney and Melissa Baker, commercial vacant lot on State Street; $5,445


Thomas Cramer to Loren Lazear trust, home on North Union Street; $129,900

St. Clair Township

Norma Clendenning to Sarah Miller, home and 9 acres on Bell School Road; $189,900

Salem Township

Sherlanne Miller to Gary Beck Jr. and Maria Goodchild, home on Depot Road; $150,000

Unity Township

Doreen Kaz to Thomas Rice, home on Jimtown Road; $30,000

Jason Tucker and Wade Moore to Nikki and Timothy Winters Jr., 1 acre on Creek Road; $20,000

Larry and Jill Bable to William Kusior Jr., 2 acres on state Route 14; $11,200


Rodney McHorney II to Roy Watkins Jr., home Lincoln Avenue; $84,500

Rosa and Earl St. George to David Rudder, vacant lots on various streets; $3,500

Yellow Creek Township

Randall Carroll to Russell Coffey, home on state Route 39; $119,000

Brittany Perfetto to Justin Mennig, home on Hillcrest Road; $90,311


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