Butler Township

James and Teresa Santee to Daren Salvino, home on U.S. Route 62; $165,000

Center Township

Lisa Bailey to Kenneth Cunningham Jr. home and 5 acres on Trinity Church Road; $165,000

Marilyn Terlecki to Anthony and Rochelle Gaglione, 162 acres on state Route 164; $500,000


Robert Waite to Dianah Fabry, home on Quincy Avenue; $127,000

Milton Powers Jr. to Douglas and Michelle Shaffer, duplex on West Park Avenue; $125,000

David and Brenda Stryffler to Steven Trimacco, home on East Park Avenue; $173,735

Sandra Dailey to Laurie Kasten home on Springfield Road; $35,000

Jason and Leah Wilson to Christine Allison, 0.4 acre on Terra Verde Avenue; $54,100

Nancy Zwicker, trustee, to Ron Doll and Debra Dalesio, home on Royal Birkdale Drive; $525,000

Thomas and Dianne Baughman to Grant and Sherry Spaite, home on North Elm Street; $124,000

Janis Yereb to Ronald Simon, 0.7 acre on Southern Avenue; $3,100

Jock Johnson to Lori Cabuno, home on Edgewood Drive; $175,000

Firestone Homestead to Mark Taylor, 0.3 acre on Homestead Drive; $64,000

Susany Development to Gary and Karen Hartman, 0.1 acres on Lucretia Lane; $36,000

Andrew and Sarah Finch to Justin Brown, home on Herbster Street; $108,000

East Liverpool

James Dailey to Magyailine Sostre, home on Dresden Avenue; $3,700

Walter Schuffert Jr., et al, to Vanetta Dowdy, home on McKinnon Avenue; $70,000

Bristen Lavant, et al, to Devontae McKinney, home on First Avenue; $10,000

Karen Veal to Jason Powell and Farin Weltner, home on Beechwood Avenue; $43,400

Richard and Louella Shoff to Park Place Reality LLC, duplex on Pennsylvania Avenue; $25,000

John and Paula Pegher to Morgan Emmerling, home on Allison Street; $67,500

Brad McNear to Brad McNear and Vickie Alexander, home Park Avenue; $60,000

Christopher Winland to Kyle Mack, home on Gardendale Street; $71,000

Carrie and Patrick King Jr. to J Anderson Homes, residential structure and property on Montana Avenue; $6,000

East Palestine

James Wolfe, et al, to Keith and Nicole Smith, home on Martin Street; $75,000

Village of East Palestine to Justin and Valerie Mayer, 0.7 acres on Hillside Drive; $18,000

BF Ltd. to William Dilworth, home at 465 Thomas St.; $204,000

Kevin and Dana McKinstry to Tim and Belinda Faust, home on Alice Street; $50,000

Abbey Palmer, et al, to Luke Stefanides,home on Alice Street; $149,900

Vicky Mohr to Dan Kibler, home on North Avenue; $117,500

Elkrun Township

Robert White Jr. to Kevin and Linda Baker, 8.3 acres on Lusk Lock Road; $9,000

Fairfield Township

Juggernaut Inc. to Keith and Janice Chamberlin, property at 1319 Columbiana-Lisbon Road; $23,500

Hanover Township

Jerry Skuhrovec to Nickodemus and Wendy Damalio, 1 acre on Westward Way; $54,900

Mike and Clarissa Thompson to Annette Hill, home on Lakeview Drive; $49,900

Mary Luce to Paul and Laurie Zook, 6 acres on Stroup Road; $32,500

Andrew and Melony Brunn to Mike Knepp, residential structure and property on Wisner Road; $20,500

Weikart Properties to Danny Jay, two lots on Lake Knoll Avenue; $10,000s

Loretta Mattern to Brittany Rhodes, home on state Route 172; $79,800

Nathaniel Smith to Guilford Lake Grill, home on East Lake Road; $50,000

Knox Township

Franklin and Melissa Spencer to Alisha Johnson and Brian Colby, home and 2 acres on Winona Road; $134,000

George Peltz to Stephen Sayre, home on Heritage Drive; $242,000


George and William Raddick to William Raddick, home on Washington Street; $22,550

Kathleen Kane to Michael Kane, home on Pearl Street; $46,700

Liverpool Township

Richard and Debra Putnam to Teresa and Christopher Harrison, home on Fisher Avenue; $113,405

Charles and Sherry Harris to Kim Hohlmayer, home on Park Boulevard; $37,000

Madison Township

Brandon Bach, et al, to Jamie and Elizabeth Reed, home and 1.9 acres on McCormick Run Road; $145,000

Cathy Yerian, et al, to Alayna and Randy Morrow Jr., home and 1.8 acres on Y & O Road; $162,250

Linda Jordan to RMH Rentals, duplex on state Route 45; $88,000

Middleton Township

Terry and Karen Welce to Robert Skaggs III and Terry Dailey, residential structure and 7.2 acres on Sprucevale Road; $85,000

New Waterford

Corey Coblentz to Victoria Moore, home on Boardman Street; $80,000

Perry Township

Julia Evans to Mike and Abby Phillips, home on Jennings Avenue; $155,000

Clam Flippin LLC to Chad and Bille Cramer, home on Stewart Road; $145,500


Russell and Katrina Phillis to Kristi and Stetson Koffel, home on East 7th Street; $3,700

David and Susan Moore to Chelsea Lower and Robert Minamyer, home on 6th Street; $89,900

Richard Vogt to Brenda Austin, home on Sunset Boulevard ; $145,000

BRIJOHNS2 LLC to Kyle Marshall, condominium on West View Avenue; $269,000

Huntington National Bank to Graybeal Development, home at 762 W. Pershing St.; $26,000

Sherry Sox to Devin Minard, home on Cedar Street; $119,500

Salem Township

George and Bobbi Mackall to Nathanel and Ashley White, home and 4.2 acres on Depot Road; $148,000

Mike Pinciaro to Edward Cassinger, et al, home and 1.1 acres on Lisbon Road; $150,000

Chad and Jamie Belaney to Rinkuben Patel, et al, home on Foxden Drive; $363,000

Bonnie and William Grimm Jr. to Joseph and Lillian Pahanish, 18 acres on Butcher Road; $85,000

Rebecca Halverstadt to Jonathan Halverstadt, home on Cunningham Road; $162,500


Roger and Carol Bickel to Roger Bickel, home on Jefferson Street; $17,500

Jerry Mostella to Jeffry Banks, home on Jefferson Street; $91,900

St. Clair Township

Scott and Kellie Rogers to Robert and Sandra Walgate, condominium on Eagle Drive; $242,000

Thelma Miller to Steven and Jennifer Shaffer, home and 1.4 acres on Moore Road; $36,000

Robert and Nicki Wilson to Thomas and Renee Hinsch, home on Bell School Road; $445,000

Jerry Johnson to Gary and Michelle Butler, property on Rankin Street; $6,800

Mary Elias to Edward Kastelic III, home 3.2 acres on on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road; $285,000

Charles Dray to Richard Sachs, home and 1.8 acres on Bell School Road; $88,000

Farmers National Bank to Kyle Sims and Misty Smith, home at 16599 Glenn St..; $33,000

Louis and Patricia Deluca to Elvis and Julie Woolley, home on Glenn Street; $15,000

Max Smith to Mark and Rebecca Frederick, property on Park Way; $25,000

Calcutta Development LLC to Matt and Briana Cline, 1.2 acres on Fieldstone Drive; $38,500

Heather Davis, et al, to Jerrica Pelley, et al, home and 1 acre on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road; $115,000

Kenneth and Terri Delposen to Zackery Eckenrod and Jennifer Kind, home on Ruby Drive; $270,000

Unity Township

Judith Gregory to Tom Povenski Properties, home and 0.6 acres on Jimtown Road; $30,000

Washington Township

Jeffrey Beham to Mark Kozlowski, home and 2 acres on Oak Grove Road; $40,000


Gary and Shelba Malone, trustees, to Michael Lindsley, home on Terrace Drive; $164,500

DCS Homes to CDES Enterprises, home at 409 Third St.; $23,000

County Land Bank to Wellsville school district, property at 1609 Lincoln Ave.; 0.

West Township

Kimberly and Joseph Shipbaugh IV to Wendell and Lisa Miller, home and 5.6 acres on Lorey Road; $120,000

Carl and Angel Garrison to Bryce and Kaley Collier, home on Melissa Lane; $72,000

Raymond Wilson to Joshua and Deanna Miller, structure and 0.2 acre on U.S. Route 30; $20,250

Ronald Rocco II to Tenant Home Rentals, property on Rochester Road; $10,000

Yellow Creek Township

Duane and Judy Duck to Darla Atwood and Aimee Dalrymple, triplex on state Route 39; $139,000

Cameron Brinker to Sean and Kaitlyn Collins, home and 1 acre on state Route 39; $174,000


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