Butler Township

Daniel and Karen Hawk to Jeremy and Brandy Hahn, 6.3 acres on Carey Road; $42,000


R.C. Fabricating Inc. to Jomejess Inc., manufacturing and assembly (Rc Fabricating) on Lisbon Street; $215,000

Firestone Homestead LLC to Angela and Kyle Flory, 0.4 acre on Aberdeen Court; $57,000

East Liverpool

Brian and Monica Kerr to Patrick and Carrie King, home on Shady Lane Drive; $2,000

Deborah and Jack Croxall Jr. to Amanda Scott, home on Holliday Street; $77,000

Helen Doherty to Josh Barrick, home on St. George Street; $23,500

Janet Kater to Kenneth and Gretchen Winland, triplex on Avondale Avenue; $76,000

Fairfield Township

Cynthia and John Jay to Mina and Justin Boyd, home on Camelot Drive; $117,000

Austin and Kayla Zimmerman to Jason and Gloria Mrofchak, home on Edward Circle; $184,000

Hanover Township

D & L LLC to Collin and Janet Kinsey, 8.8 acres on South Lake Drive; $30,000

Collin and Janet Kinsey to D & L LLC, 3.8 acres on Westward Way; $30,000

D & L LLC to Collin and Janet Kinsey, 6.5 acres on Westward Way; $30,000

Leah Klusch to Ted and Terri Lenigar, residential structure on Wisner Road; $30,000

Rodar Farm LLC to Sandy Hill Land LLC, 162.2 acres of farm land on state Route 9; $1,217,843

Knox Township

Michael and Heidi Lynn Lebo to Monica and Cody Ramser, home and land on U.S. Route 62; $87,000


Joseph Raddick to Leroy Madden, home on Washington Street; $8,800


Jason Tucker and Wade Moore to Tina Baumgarner, home on East High Street; $85,000

Michael Lewis to Erica Cremeans, home on Caldwell Avenue; $15,000

Liverpool Township

Ivan and Dorothy Wyer to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, home on Lisbon Street; $24,000

Ryan Talkington to Morgan Rickman, home on Southview Drive; $153,000

St. Clair Township

Jodi Jackson and Michael Sullivan to Melissa and Zakary Ollis, home on Canton Avenue; $133,900


Carrie and Edward Saltsman to Dennis and Michelle Weaver, condominium residential unit on Superior Avenue, $140,000

David Hayden Sr. to Ingrid and Richard Albanese, home on Ridgewood Drive; $80,000

Dennis and Michelle Weaver to Anthony and Brittany Maniscalco, home on Lincoln Avenue; $187,000

Jeffrey Butler to Czervik Condominiums LLC, 11.7 acres on Highland Avenue; $58,501

Jeffrey Butler to Czervik Condominiums LLC, 15.2 acres on East Third Street; $76,499

Jessica Blake to Terrie Hoperich, home on Fourteenth Street; $155,000

John and Sheryl Heinze to 2240 Properties LLC, office building on West State Street; $70,000

Kenneth F. and Sherilee States to MMC Investment Properties LLC, duplex on Ellsworth Avenue; $57,500

Susan Lora to Lee Himes, condominium residential unit on Superior Avenue; $175,000

Quentin Freed to Harlan and Connie Freed, home on West Eighth Street; $95,000

Unity Township

Brenda Bush to Richard and Michelle Paxson, mobile home on Chain School Road; $77,000

Karen Huston to Ted and Terri Lenigar, mobile home on Waterford Road; $55,000

Washington Township

Dwight and Mildred Felton to Danielle Crawford, home on Walnut Ridge Road; $50,000

Wayne Township

Steve and Eleanor Razo to Eli Razo, 14.1 acres of timber land for the commerical growth of timber on Black Road; 0


Cheryl Lynn and Kevin Dykas to Belinda Rose and Dominic Joseph Dileo, home on Brandon Drive; $222,800

Nancy and Michael Monte to Debra Quinn, 0.15 acre on Commerce Street; $7,000

West Township

Daniel and Amber Thiel to Justin and Megan Prendergast, home on state Route 172; $126,000


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