Butler Township

James and Lisa Panezott to Matthew Ragozzino, home on Slater Road; $280,000

J & J Enterprises of Alliance LLC to Jeffrey and Kathleen Zimmerman, home on Valley Road; $84,000


Cope Properties LLC to Epoc Properties LLC, home and 0.2 acre on Pittsburgh Street; $25,107

304 Railroad Street LLC to Epoc Properties LLC, home on Railroad Street; $46,114

120 Pittsburgh Street LLC to Epoc Properties LLC, warehouse on Pittsburgh Street; $43,882

East Liverpool

Michelle L. Wagoner to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, home on Globe Street; $18,000

Alyssha Hoberek to Kiersten Lee Shields, home on Princeton Street; $38,800

East Palestine

Crystal and Larry Justison II to Bobbie McEwen, home on Alice Street; $81,500

Elkrun Township

Franklyn H. Brooks to William and Jerri Smith, 4.5 acres on Roller Coaster Road; $22,500

Fairfield Township

David Caldwell to Gary Graham, home on Crestview Road; $34,200

Franklin Township

John and Jennifer Brereton to Roger and Brenda Higginbotham, 8.6 acres on Foundry Hill Road; $35,000

Hanover Township

Joshua and Michelle Kosko to Codee Coppock, home and one acre on state Route 172; $118,557

Michael O’Neal to John and Theresa Capron, home on North Ridge Place; $337,708

Knox Township

Tyrelle and Shanna Yoder to Andrew and Greta Koehn, home on Lake Street; $128,000

Robert Phillips to Kyle B. Johnson, home and one acre on Sherman Street; $184,900

Conny Farms LTD to Justin Stryffeler, 37 acres on Twelfth Street; $50,000


Home Opportunity LLC to Chandler Hig Velocity Fund, home on West Pine Street; $6,966

Liverpool Township

Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Reba F. Bishop, home on Campground Road; $46,000

Madison Township

Michael E. Knight to Phillip Faulkner, home on Y & O Road; $100,000

Middleton Township

Mark Landsberger to Linda and Wayne Grinnik, home on Iriquois Trail; $175,000

Perry Township

Mary Jane Roberts to Steven and Erica Stacy, condominium on Pembrooke Drive; $60,000


Creekwood Capital LLC to Brn Mustang LLC, industrial building on Wilson Street; $2,200,000

Nicole Rhome to Randall and Kimberly Velk, home on Jones Drive; $153,500

Erica Stacy to JWH Rentals LLC, home on West Tenth Street; $55,000

Brad McIlvain to Alicia Ramos and Judith McIlvain, home on Carole Drive; $135,000

Ronald Black and Amanda Coy to Staci Rullo, home on South Union Avenue; $100,000

Salem Township

Jason R. Linn to Eric Stanislaw, home on state Route 14; $165,000

St. Clair Township

Megan Campbell to Brock and Katherine Grafton, home on Y & O Road; $180,000

Unity Township

PNC Bank National Association to Randall E. Crihfield, mobile home on Kibler Road; $25,000

Catherine and Amos Bechtel Jr. to Michele Bechtel, land on McCloskey Road; $8,000

Wayne Township

Outlaw Haven LLC to Lisa M. Wellington, 8.5 acres on Laughlin Road; $58,500


The Potters Player Community Theatre to Ogide Patience, building on Fifteenth Street; $22,350

Alicia Cunningham to Isaiah J. Ayers, home on Chester Avenue; $56,900

James Winkler and Tianna Mason to Jacqulyn and Christopher Eastmond Jr., home on Clark Avenue; $25,000

Weekley Family to Patrick and Mary Pletcher, home and land on Taylor Avenue; $148,800

Linda Weekley to Patrick and Mary Pletcher; land on Taylor Avenue; $1,200

West Township

Gary and Kevin Blevins to Glenn Whiteleather LLC, 47.4 acres on Sandy Creek Road; $180,462

Ronald W. Catlett et al. to Ronald W. and Sherry L. Catlett, home on Rochester Road; $61,100

Ronald W. and Sherry L. Catlett to Daniel and Ashley Bartley, home on Rochester Road; $183,300

Yellow Creek Township

Michelle L. Weekley to Seth and Shayna Dinch, home on Parkview Drive; $120,000


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