Butler Township

Ronald D. Ferguson to Aqua Sky LLC, home on state Route 9; $286,000


Suzanne L. Kloss to Max and Marian Gudat, home one North Elm Street; $190,000

David and Christina Yanssens to Charles and Daniel Cope, land on Parkview Drive; $16,750

East Liverpool

George and Marg Pugh to David Pugh, home on Michigan Avenue; $26,500

Robbie L. Talbott to Lisa Stull, home on Globe Street; $38,000

Terry S. Acker to Tessa B. Skiendziel and Robert P. Millir, home on Erie Street; $6,000

Tracy and Scott DeGarmo to Christopher Linert, home on Surry Road; $32,000

East Palestine

Tina and Chad Parker to McKim’s Honeyvine LLC, restaurant on Taggart Street (Teno’s on Taggart); $129,000

Trina K. Drotleff to Christopher Edmond, home on Market Street; $67,900

Elkrun Township

Jonathan and Mary Chuey to Kendra S. Dickson, home on Roller Coaster Road and 1.5 acres on Guy Road; $124,000

Sherri Phillips to Carrie and Richard Kukulka, home and seven acres on Elkton Road; $150,000

Fairfield Township

Evergreen Investment Group to Rebekah J. Gishbaugher, home on state Route 344; $145,000

Hanover Township

Streetsboro Reality Partners LLC to Gerald and Aimee Hetrick, mobile home on Camp Boulevard; $55,000

William and Wanda Humphrey to Deer Valley Farm LLC, 104 acres on McCann Road; $400,000

Thomas P. Drudy to Adam C. Stryffeler, 19 acres on Buffalo Road; $80,000


Thomas Beadnell to Tammy M. Howells, home on Lisbon Street; $74,000

Knox Township

Julie and John P. Pierce III to Jeff Edwards and June Flack, mobile home on Twelfth Street; $58,000


Shelly A. Moore to Colton and Emily Gudat, home on Leetonia Road; $37,000


Ralph and Shirley Jones to Kelly Monigold, home on West Pine Street; $74,500

Susan E. Rife to Tracy L. Shepard, home on East Lincoln Way; $85,000

Liverpool Township

Harvey T. Evans to Douglas E. Evans, home on Fox Chase Road; $105,000

Frederick and Sharon Robinson to Nicole Linous, home on Cheval Avenue; $131,000

Madison Township

Yellow Creek Grange #1795 to Daniel Myers, commercial structure on state Route 45; $26,675

John and Pearl Fraser to Shane M. Wellington, 69 acres on Hibbetts Mill Road; $182,000

Middleton Township

Rosemary J. Hetric to Phillip W. Rimoldi, home on Yuma Trail; $60,000

Daniel and Beverly Schino to David and Rhonda Hardesty, land on Chippewa Trail; $2,300

Willis and Sandra Smith to Phillip W. Rimoldi, land on Yuma Trail; $5,000

Perry Township

Mitchell S. McGuire to Franklin R. Ollis Jr., home on Stewart Road; $121,500


Rick and Luann Lippiatt to Jason Lippiatt, home on Lincoln Avenue; $155,000

Kylee S. Altenhof to Zachary T. Hamilton, home on Franklin Avenue; $116,000

James and Susan Watson to David and Carole Gotthardt, condominium unit on Orchard Bend Drive; $250,000

Nathaniel Calvin to Daryl D. Hill, home on Euclid Street; $64,000

Ann Grimes to Robert G. James Jr., home on North Union Avenue; $115,200

Wanda L. Marroulis to Nancy and Barry Hirshfield, home on Franklin Avenue; $75,000

Salem Township

Wilma Daugherty to Matthew and Jody Phillips, home on Salmar Drive; $133,000

Linda J. Miller to Travis A. Mitchell, 20 acres on Conkle Road; $257,800

Tamara M. Davis to Allen R. Sodergren, home and two acres on Cherry Valley Road; $134,000


David and Deanna Smith to Dylan T. Holland, home on Jefferson Street; $78,500

St. Clair Township

Rocky A. Kugel to Steven and Trudy Hall, home on Strader Road; $150,000

Robert A. Webber II to Joyce and Gary W. Coleman II, mobile home on Lynn Street; $25,000

Susan and Richard May to Matthew and Sandra Haught, home on state Route 170; $20,500

Unity Township

Robert A. Powell et al. to Lisa McLaughlin, home on Bye Road; $150,000

Jamie and Richard Ammon to Gates Winters, mobile home on Peace Valley Road; $88,350

Alex Conkle to UR Real Estate LLP, 19 acres on Beard Road; $57,750


Ronald E. Shank to Michael Daniels, home on Eighteenth Street Heights; $5,000

Kathleen Smith to Michael Daniels, home on Washington Street; $5,000

Daniel Maclean to Sondra J. Cross, home on Florence Drive; $130,000

John and Bonnie Wern to Katherine Rock, home on Willow Lane; $32,500

West Township

Lewis E. Brown to Community Loan Servicing LLC, home on Maple Street; $54,000

Yellow Creek Township

SCE Land LLC to Joseph D. Troyer, 80 acres on Oak Ridge Road; $176,000


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