Center Township

Connie and Mark Pezzano to Joshua and Christine McIlvain, home and 1.5 acres on Miller Road; $340,000 

Nancy R. Harris to Tod and Christine Reynolds, 4.5 acres on Mattix Road; $5,000 

Columbus McKinnon Corporation to Scoion Holdings LLC, medium manufacturing plant; $500,000 


Barbara and Alfred Farrand to William Beardmore, home on Court Street; $132,000 

Kyle Wilkinson to Raptis Investments LLC, home on Elm Street; $136,400

East Liverpool

Gomoll Family Limited Partnership to ELO Building LLC, light manufacturing facility on Railroad Street; $505,000 

Karlye and Matthew McDole to Justin Sicklesmith, home on Ohio Avenue; $65,000 

TNT Real Estate Investors LLC to Chad Hanlon, home on Logan Street; $8,000

Misty D. Ibbs to Robert J. Beresford, home on Michigan Avenue; $35,000

Ashima Aggarwal to River Valley Physicians LLC, medical office on Sixth Street; $60,000 

East Palestine 

Darlene Exposito to Christalyn Rhodes and Marjory Bradley, home on Martin Street; $140,000 

Dolores Mansell to Darlene Exposito, condominium unit on Claybrook Drive; $166,900 

Magnum of Light LLC to Ricky and Karen Gorby, land on Malibu Drive; $5,151

Park Place Investments LLC to Haleigh Hostetler, home on Clark Street; $85,000 

Fairfield Township

Donald and Ann Kyser to Dennis Kyser, duplex on Columbiana Lisbon Road; $90,000 


Shelly A. Moore to Gregory Henderson, office building on Walnut Street; $28,000 


Allen and Christine Cottrill to Danqing Yang, home on West Washington Street; $131,000 

Liverpool Township

Justin McGeehan to Steven Casey, mobile home on Azalea Avenue; $165,000 

Madison Township

Johnathan and Allison Kazee to Rachell DeBray, home on Township Line Road; $210,000 

Jason B. Grindle to Rick Dunlevy, home on state Route 518; $52,000 

Middleton Township 

Travis and Justine Hostetter to Brian Hixenbaugh, home on Bye Road; $160,000 

April W. Kayle to Carl and Betty Caputo, land on Tomahawk Drive and Shoshone Trail; $75,000

Carl and Betty Caputo to Thomas and Paula Burford, land on Tomahawk Drive; $25,000 

Amber and Jordan Thompson to Jenna Dickey and Seth McDevitt, home on Darlington Road; $45,000 

Perry Township 

 Jeremy Blosser to Nicholas and Jessie Aquisto, home on Goshen Road; $250,000 


William and Lisa Snyder to Evan and Mollie Newman, home on Lincoln Avenue; $281,547

Kaitlyn and Richard Gibson Jr. to Trent J. Mohney, home on Merle Avenue; $245,000

C.I. Ohio LTD to Johnathen C. McFall, home on Woodland Avenue; $89,000 

John W. Newman to DSG Rentals LLC, home on West Pershing Street; $15,000 

Michael J. Flickinger to Steven and Jennifer Bates, home on Seventh Street; $165,000 

Custom Comfort Systems LLC to Joel and Pedro Hernandez, home on East Third Street; $56,000 

Salem Township 

Carol J. Adams to Joshua H. LeSack, home on Salmar Drive; $151,000 

Scott A. Darner to Gina M. Chatto, 13.9 acres on Lisbon Road; $315,000  


William L. Quinn to James A. McVay, 2.3 acres on Monroeville Heights Road; $4,000 

St. Clair Township 

Central Federal Savings Loan to Consumers National Bank, bank on Foulks Drive; $294,000 

Brenda and Clarence Jeffries to Clarence Grim, mobile home on Y & O Road; $9,800

Calcutta Development LLC to Denise E. Correia, home on Fieldstone Drive; $52,500

Unity Township 

Robert E. Ramsayer Jr. to Todd and Paige Unkefer, 25 acres on Creek Road and 4.5 acres on Bull Creek Road; $241,658 


Dale W. Gaslin Jr. to Community Loan Servicing LLC, home on Main Street; $37,000 

Washington Township 

Michelle A. Gallagher to Andrew and Jessica Mattern, home on state Route 39; $137,700

Wayne Township

Bradley Weber to Roy A. Larkins, home on state Route 164; $24,500 

William J. McKee to Nancy Wilson, 24.2 acres on Blair Road; $172,000

Yellow Creek Township

Barbara Nightingale to Douglas and Pamela Deitch, duplex on Clark Avenue; $15,500 

Brooke Lucas to Noah’s Arc Realty LLC, commercial structure on Main Street; $5,000 

Central Federal Bank to Consumers National Bank, bank on Main Street; $61,794

Barbara Vanzant to Kathy A. Cooper, home on Chester Avenue; $63,000 

Sandra Felekey to Christopher and Ashley Oiler, mobile home on Walden Avenue; $104,000 


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