Butler Township

Patricia Thomas and JoAnn Folk to Marizela O. Leon, 2.7 acres on Hartley Road; $32,000

Center Township

Bond Investors 2015 LLC to William and Carrie Catlett, 20 acres on Black Road; $40,000

Bond Investors 2015 LLC to Scott and Christina Staraitis, 35.7 acres on Mattix Road; $117,810

Bond Investors 2015 LLC to Sam and Callie Sowards, 31 acres on Black Road; $112,893

Bond Investors 2015 LLC to Jay B. Mullen, 41.5 acres on Black Road; $237,506

Bond Investors 2015 LLC to We Family Properties LLC, 36 acres on Black Road; $44,108

Bond Investors 2015 LLC to 100 Black Road LLC, 110 acres on Black Road; $736,113

Kerry F. and Ronald Wilson to Jennifer L. Powell, home on state Route 30; $95,000


Laurie J. Kasten to April B. Moore, home on Springfield Road; $159,900

Firestone Homestead LLC to Selah Homes LLC, land on Homestead; $62,000

East Liverpool

Earl and Rosa St. George to Derick and Angela Jackson, home on Columbia Avenue; $38,000

East Palestine

Dennis and Mary Manley to Eric and Renee Adkins, home on Main Street; $107,500

Matthew T. Ford to Samuel and Ana Grauso, home on Main Street; $75,000

Fairfield Township

Wayne and Patricia Lanterman to Nicholas and Deidre Magill, home and 18 acres on Crestview Road; $340,000

Mary Lou Smith to Kevin and Debra Baker, 17.5 acres on state Route 7; $119,000

Clint and Cheryl Emelo to Delphia Riddle, home on Woodville Road; $300,000

Hanover Township

Daniel D. Kyser and Megan R. Boyle to Megan R. Boyle, home on Ellyson Road; $25,000

D&L LLC to Christian House Realty LLC, commercial structure on Hoffee Road; $229,000

MMC Investment Properties to Ethan C. Blatch, mobile home on Hostetter Road; $135,000

Matt and Marci Kelly to Kevin and Cynthia Windham, land on Ridge Place; $17,500

Knox Township

Marilyn A. Kolm to Justin and Amanda Yoder, home and 20 acres on Center Road; $330,000

Wesley and Erica Blevins to Molly M. Royer, home on Georgetown Road; $220,000


V Sons LLc to George R. Crawford, apartment building on Pine Street; $315,000

Liverpool Township

Tina F. Walker to John and Connie Smith, home on Queens Way; $228,500

John Walker to Tina F. Walker, home on Pleasant Street; $160,000

David and Virginia Tice to Morret LLC, apartment units on Kingsridge Road and Queen’s Way; $360,000

Madison Township

Robert E. See to Richard J. McCoy, home on McIntosh Road; $210,000

Middleton Township

Steven J. Davis to April Whitley-Kale, home on state Route 154; $25,000

Perry Township

Diana J. Kovach to Brooks B. Bezon, home on Allen Road; $262,500

Nancy Zilavy to Donna and Warren Wilson, 11 acres on state Route 45; $33,000

Mary Ann Theiss to Lance S. and Lael Owens, home on Carriage Hill Road; $290,500

Carol L. Brown and Harold E. Shafer to Brook and Lance Gram, home on West Highland Avenue; $369,900


Veterans Affairs to Carson Sweed, home on Walnut Street; $87,000

Ricky Wilson and Josh Andrews to Josh Andrews, mobile home on Church Street; $10,000


James and Laura Mayhew to Larry and Sandra Dwyer, home on Morris Avenue; $162,500

Keybank to Castle 2020 LLC, home on Aetna Street; $18,200

Danielle F. Schmidt to Paula D. Cunningham, home on Shady Lane; $183,500

Dennis A. Kyser to Michael P. Massone, home on Carole Drive; $157,500

Darlene and Harry Matheny to Terry and Renee Joy, mobile home on Olive Street; $20,000

Salem Township

Charles L. Beiling to Kuboda Guy LLC, 13.6 acres on state Route 45; $80,000

Kirk D. Poffenberger to Chad and Lyn Raymond, home on McCracken Road; $135,000


Edson Brenay to Marilyn M. Koopmans, home on Salineville Road; $21,000

St. Clair Township

JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisition to John and Cheryl Green, home on state Route 267; $78,909

Jennifer and James C. Moorehead III to Robert and Teresa Rufener, land on Walker Road; $27,000

Joy E. Costlow to Peggy and Donald L. Smith Jr., land on John Street; $4,800

Unity Township

Shirley Klaus to Christopher W. Borden, home on England Road; $194,000

West Township

Jarrod J. Patterson to Gary and Samantha Gonzalez, home on Lion Lane; $355,000

Lisa and Titus Miller to Kenyon Krama and Nayara Albuquerqu, 6.2 acres on Rochester Road; $90,000

Kenneth and Gary Blevins to Theodore N. November, 45 acres on Sandy Creek Road; $150,000

RDR Lippincott Land LLC to Glenn, Betty and Lawrence Whiteleather, 33.4 acres on Cold Snow Road; $292,511

Yellow Creek Township

Douglas and Christen Williams to James Oiler, home on First Street; $22,000

Lawrence and Lisa Perrone to Jai Sitaram LLC, small retail store on Clark Street; $125,000


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