New Cases

Danielle Brown, Salem, vs. Merlin Brown III, Lisbon; divorce sought.

Jed Witmer, Salem, and Kathleen Witmer, Salem; dissolution sought.

Columbiana County Treasurer vs. David Blosser, Wellsville, et al.; $3,378 delinquent tax foreclosure sought for Fife Coal Road, Wellsville property.

Columbiana County Treasurer vs. F. Wade Shank, Triangle, Va., et al.; $5,214 delinquent tax foreclosure sought for Carmel Achor Road, Rogers property.

Docket Entries

Stacey Dawson, East Liverpool, vs. William Barrett Jr., Salem; child support terminated.

Elizabeth Ann Gwin, Salem, vs. John Gwin, Alliance; divorce granted.

Amanda Davis, East Liverpool, vs. Logan Davis, Salem; divorce granted.

Yvonne McMichael, Washingtonville, vs. Douglas McMichael, Washingtonville; divorce granted.

Shelby Stowers, Wellsville, and Dylan Stowers, East Liverpool; dissolution granted.

Kathy Serig, et al. vs. Vincent Schultz; case settled and dismissed.

Abigail Schors vs. Jacob Polen, et al.; plaintiff claim against Polen dismissed with prejudice, Westfield Insurance Company crossclaim against Polen dismissed, all other claims pending.

ABL Wholesale Distribution Inc vs. Abdul Raouf Mourra, et al., doing business as JJ’s Gas; $9,791 judgment granted to plaintiff.

Premier Bank vs. Gloria Van Etten; foreclosure granted to Premier for Parkman, East Liverpool property.

Stacey Patrick vs. James Patrick; case dismissed.

UMB Bank vs. unknown beneficiaries of Patricia Schlundt; case dismissed.

State of Ohio vs. Mary Beth Shuman; $2,028 ordered forfeited to state.

State of Ohio vs. Bryan Scott Feezle; $944 ordered forfeited to state.

Columbiana County Treasurer vs. unknown heirs David Huffman, deceased, et al.; foreclosure ordered for Newgarden Avenue, Salem property for $10,904 delinquent taxes.

Columbiana County Treasurer vs. Tom Pintal; foreclosure ordered for Trentvale, East Liverpool property for $6,389 delinquent taxes.

Columbiana County Treasurer vs. Greg Mays, et al.; case dismissed.


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