Center Township

Zachary Cochran to Albert J. and Jennifer M. Huff Jr., home on state Route 172

Csonka Brothers Farm to Elanor Acres LLC, restaurant (former Social 45) on state Route 45; $750,000

Mary Ullom to Megan A. Reese, home on Eric Drive; $179,900

Albert A. and Michelle L. Altenhof to Justin McGeehan, 12.5 acres on state Route 164; $267,000


Ruth E. Rossbach Trust to Connie M. Witmer, condo on Timberline Drive; $238,000

Delores K. Brown Trustee to Justin C. Pasco, home on Railroad Street; $62,000

Brynn A. Rozeski to Tiffany and Cody J. Dole, home on Howard Street; $150,000

Brenda K. Morris to Jeffrey a. and Cynthia L. Peddicord, home on North Cross Street; $60,000

East Liverpool

Lance Robert Dawson to Nicholas G. and Katherine L. Adkins, home on Park Way; $260,000

James M. Summers to Derek W. Doughty, other residential structures on Thompson Avenue; $11,500

Tammy Pease and Mark Milligan to Christopher Winland and Victoria Holm, home on St. Clair Avenue; $162,500

Stephen W. and Joan C. Cooper to Andana Properties LLC, offices buildings on Broadway; $125,000

Grinnell Lake LLc to Caleb D. Kountz, vacant commercial land on Ravine Street; $3,000

Fairfield Township

Seth J. and Cassie A. Garwood to Angel Pantoja-Lopez, home on Middleton Road; $352,000

Franklin Township

Ross Land and Home LLC to Donald D. Greathouse, 3 acres on Hull Road; $12,900

Hanover Township

Ronald A. Merino to Darrin Allen Anguish, home on state Route 30; $149,000

Mitchell S. McGuire to Randall O. Morris, home on state Route 30; $30,000

Knox Township

John R. and Marie A. Ayers to Susan K. Ebright, home on Lake Front Drive; $66,500

James G. Rito to Christopher J. and Christina L. Ludwig, home on Center Road; $268,000


Lori L. Rice to Monica F. Hershberger, home on Stoy Street; $105,000


Tonia S. Cramer to Travis J. Mathias, home on West High Street; $72,000

Dale E. Riehl to Jennifer M. Campbell, home on North Beaver Street; $87,000

Liverpool Township

David M. Phillips to Nickolas Hoyt Boswell, home on Elson Street; $142,000

Madison Township

Niki Datri Enterprises Inc. to David and Brooke Snapp, 4.8 acres and other commercial strucutres on state Route 7 and Leslie Road; $100,000

Bertha Gallagher to Sherman Kenneth Russell, 55.7 acres on state Route 45; $210,000

William T. Felger to Dwayne S. and Ashley R. Blake, home on Taggart Drive; $190,075

Middleton Township

Sara A. Burson to Jack L. Long Jr., 3.5 acres on state Route 154; $14,546

Shannon Blissenbach to Gregory C. Taylor II, 15 acres on state Route 154; $330,000

Edward W. Harbay to John M. and Kristin Masucci, residenital vacant land on Tomahawk Drive; $2,250

New Waterford

Richard E. Whitley Jr. to Nicholas Guy, condo on New England Square Drive; $62,000

Perry Township

Joshua Jones to Tanessa Lfoe, home on North Ellsworth Avenue; $215,000

Kenneth C. and Anna M. Kibler to Joshua and Jaclyn Jones, home on Heritage Lane; $245,000

Robert Pow Beaumont to Timothy P. and Tabatha A. Colian, home on Pidgeon Road; $155,000


Gary M. Colian Jr. to DSG Rentals LLC, home on Aetna Street; $27,500

Roc Wol Properties LLC to Maggie Nguyen, condo on Continental Drive; $67,000

Sue E. Stitle Trustee to James E. adn Kimberly A. Staton, home on Shady Lane; $735,000

Paul L. and Penny Lippiatt Trustee to Salem Historical Society, small shops on South Broadway Avenue; $275,000

Armadillo Development LLC to the City of Salem, vacant land at East State Street and South Lincoln Avenue; $450,000

Howard R. and Pattie S. Keslar to Jordyn Byland, three-family home on Newgarden Avenue; $25,000

Salem Township

Kelly M. Niswonger to Lisa A. Davis, home on Miller Road; $170,000

Colleen Clayton to Kelly M. Niswonger, home on Shining Tree Lane; $364,000


Robert E. and Mary Jane Javens to Kenneth A. Meeks, home and 2.4 acres on Church Street; $107,000

St. Clair Township

Roberta Huston to John R. and Brenda L. Tice, home on Tague Street; $45,000

James L. Croyle to Clifford J. Price, home on Stagecoach Road; $204,000

Phyllis Conto to Shannon Blissenbach, home on Old Fredericktown Road; $231,500

John R. and Janet Goempel to Todd J. Small, home and other residential structures on Harvard Avenue and Y&O Road; $184,000

Unity Township

Dorothy Lee Hughes to Holden Matthew Rhodes, home on Neeld Road; $80,000

Vickie Fowler to Walker Fowler, 34.5 acres on Peace Valley Road; $90,000


Community Loan Servicing LLC to Cedar Run Properties LLC, home on Main Street; $38,000

West Township

Steven I. Jenkins to Elizabeth Calderon, home on Myers Road; $140,000

Cara L. Bentley to Linda and Kenneth B. Devore, home on state Route 30; $145,000


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