Leonard J. and Juanita S. Derico to Adam and Katie Derico, home on Manor Drive; $220,000

Marna Cross to Loni A. Bowles, home on East Friend Street; $155,000

Michael R. Stockman to Dominic Washburn, home on East Woodland Avenue; $124,000

Seth T. Walker to John Rickerd, home on East Friend Street; $145,000

East Liverpool

Tony Hilton and Shannon Thrasher to Tony Hilton, home on Blakeley Street; $15,200

Linda L. Beverly to Charles V. and Kerri A. Barnes Jr., .043 acres on Calhoun Street; $1,500

Joseph D. and Amber J. Langdon to Miranda Thomas, home on Idaho Avenue; $120,000

Cody L. Reed to James J. Newlin, home on St. Clair Avenue; $105,000

Mandi M. Gill to Stephen C. Merritt Sr., home on Ohio Avenue; $5,000

Robert T. Dawson Sr. to Justin M. and Brandy L. Reynolds, home on Michigan Avenue; $27,000

East Palestine

MAF Property Management LLC to Jeff Hahn, restaurant on East Taggert Street (Howard’s Cafe); $40,000

Elkrun Township

Melissa M. and David B. Turley to Brian Decoy, mobile home on Church Hill Road; $35,000

Hanover Township

Carla J. Chamberlain to Thomas and Linda Haught, home on Lakeview Street; $80,000

Anne E. Freshley to Jay E. and Alison S. Simmons, 43.982 acres on Speidel Road; $280,607

Knox Township

Gary D. and Stacy L. Irwin (trustees) to Benjamin E. and Hannah M. Simpson, home on Winona Road; $213,500


Sidad LLC to Vidhi 2810 LLC, small detached retail store on Columbia Street (Leetonia Market); $110,000

Patricia E. Klein to Mark J. and Aleece Klein II, home on North Jefferson Street; $58,000

Liverpool Township

Dale and Sally Rudibaugh to Matthew Dale Rudibaugh, 2.6 acres on Shadyside Avenue; $52,000

Lindsay Frantz to Neva and Matthew Carman, home on Sherwood Avenue; $2,500

Middleton Township

Judith N. Hall to Jason and Dawn M. Andrews, 10.228 acres on Millrock Road; $40,000

Perry Township

Maria R. Moffett to James Richard and Megan R. Black III, 15 acres on Cunningham Road; $380,000

Eric M. and Michelle D. Shields to Janet L. and Angelo J. Perline III, home on Pidgeon Road; $295,000

Kay Hughes to Christian T. and Ashley N. Scahill, home on Plymouth Place; $115,000


Eric J. Borrelli to William A. Borrelli, home on Superior Avenue; $13,000

Brooks J. Davis to Kevin and Kellie Winn, home on Sharp Avenue; $122,000

St. Clair Township

Leonard K. Davis to Brittany Scarsella and Joshua Knox, home on Sprucevale Road; $69,000

Calcutta Development LLC to Jesse J. and Bethany K. Zirillo, 2.082 acres of Field Stone Drive; $58,500

Florence Reed to Becky L. Adams, home on Coolidge Street; $75,000

Webber Family Trust to Skyler M. Warren, home on Cannons Mills Road; $70,000

Unity Township

T J and Sandra E. Bogle to Shane and Jaimie Brubaker, other residential structures on state Route 165; $65,000

Washington Township

Frederick C. Wallace to Richard and Margee A. Detrow, 7.712 acres on Old Monroeville and Beadnell roads; $40,000


Evergreen Investment Group LTD to Travis L. and Suzanne A. Diekmann, home on Main Street; $80,000


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