Bill could preserve thousands of jobs

Celebrations of victories against President Barack Obama’s assault on coal and affordable electricity have tended to be short-lived. So it probably will be with a bill passed overwhelmingly by the House of Representatives last week.

Obama and his Environmental Protection Agency have used every tool at their disposal – and invented quite a few new ones – in their campaign to destroy the coal industry. One weapon has been new regulations allegedly aimed at safeguarding water quality. They would impose requirements so difficult and costly to meet that they would making mining in many places, including much of West Virginia and Ohio, impossible.

Last week, the House approved a bill blocking enforcement of the new rules. The vote was 235-188.

If the measure becomes law, it could preserve tens of thousands of jobs in mining and other industries. Meanwhile, existing rules would provide adequate safeguards for the streams Obama insists would be destroyed without his regulations.

So yes, the House vote was a victory for common sense. Don’t pop the champagne corks just yet, however. The bill now goes to the U.S. Senate.

There, it is expected to be approved, too. But if the past several years are any guide, nearly all Democrats in that body will vote against it. That means the bill will pass – but Obama will veto it, and Democrat leaders in the Senate will block an override.

It is the same old, same old that has allowed Obama to control government with a minority backing him in Congress. Regardless of the issue and how it affects their states, the overwhelming majority of Democrats in both the Senate and House of Representatives vote as their president desires.

Many of the Democrat lawmakers who unfailingly protect their party’s president do so by voting against their constituents’ best interests.

Party loyalty is more important to them than the voters back home – who, after all, often are easily misled.

That needs to change this fall, when voters tired of politics as usual in Washington vote at least some of the rascals out.


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