Roses, back rubs and — wink, wink readers — maybe an extra tip for your newspaper carrier. They are already dealing with wintry elements and the sloshing, slipping and sliding that comes with that. On Thanksgiving carriers will be lugging those bulging editions stuffed with Black Friday supplements. Former carriers among us know exactly what is involved. It is a workout. Thank them.

Roses for the staff and students at Damascus Elementary School. We were a guest recently for a special Veterans Day program. How delightful it was to see the enthusiasm for patriotism among those young children. That occurred throughout many of our local schools during Veterans Day observances. Teachers of these kids do great jobs.

Roses for local high school athletes moving on to the next level. Among those: Salem High School track and cross-country standout Haley Rozeski to Cleveland State; Salem High School track and field record-holder Caitlyn Marx to Oregon State; and, Crestview High School track and football standout Dominic Perry to Youngstown State University. As we noted on our Thursday lead sports page, these are Div. I scholarships and that is very impressive and a reflection of the talent and dedication these student-athletes put forth. Getting board and tuition taken care of has to be a relief too for their families.

Thorns, an annual lament, for those who blew leaves out on the roadways. Most likely the same selfish people who push snow on public roadways. It’s inconsiderate and can even create risks for drivers.

Roses for the city streets crew for quickly picking up those courtesy Home Depot bags filled with leaves. Roses for city crews getting the streets cleared and de-iced quickly when the wintry harshness arrived Thursday evening. It is easy to take such efforts for granted.

Roses for those looking out for their neighbors and others who lost power during the mess. We got word early Friday that some parts weren’t getting power restored until today. That is a long time to go without a working furnace and even a lighted household. Be a Good Samaritan and help out if and when you can. After all, it is the season for doing those kinds of acts, isn’t it? The only chuckle from this is wondering how the computer junkies survived going for a day or two without the Internet and all the utter wonderfulness that it fosters. Especially Facebook and Twitter. Sigh, what would we do without them?

Roses for the Cleveland Browns. They are getting it right. Finally. Those very close losses early in the season were actually blessings. Had the Browns won those games perhaps Hue-dini Jackson is still the coach. How did he keep escaping from getting fired? Where else but pro sports can somebody keep a job for so long while being good at it only 4 percent of the time?

Roses for the Pacific Time Zone. Which means most of LeBron’s games are on real late back here if at all. Which means we don’t have to stumble across them while channel jumping during an average viewing evening. Many of us have had our fill of his bloated ego and face. He can stay out there for keeps and off our TV screens. Never thought we would be rooting for the Warriors.