Celebrating the St. Paul School tradition

Since 1904, St. Paul School has been a community landmark. It is firmly entrenched in our history as is St. Paul Church which originated in 1881.

Throughout the decades St. Paul School has been a constant in providing a high-quality education in a faith-based environment. Hundreds of its graduates went on to such fields as doctors, scientists, educators — invaluable contributors to our society. Some even became editors. Others were productive in other venues. Some were stay-at-home parents who raised wonderful children. Many settled and raised children right here in Salem. Many left Salem and returned. Many have had their children and grandchildren go through the St. Paul pipeline.

Some are doing it right now. The school houses kindergarten-through-sixth-grade students. The staff includes eight full-time teachers and one each of part-time teachers for music, art and STREAM: Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art and Music.

St. Paul School is the only Catholic school in Columbiana County. Students hail from the Salem, Youngstown City, South Range, West Branch, Southern Local and United Local districts. Not all students at St. Paul School are Catholic. About 36 percent are non-Catholic and come from different religions. All participate in school liturgies, religion classes, retreats and service projects.

A hindrance in bolstering enrollment has been nagging fallacies: high tuition, must be Catholic, must live in the Salem school district and no transportation. Responses to those would be: “No, no, no and yes there is.”

There is tuition but it is not high. It is reasonable and assistance is available. As noted, one of three students are non-Catholic and many live in other school districts. Regarding transportation, yes it is available. If a student’s district of residence is within 30 minutes or less from St. Paul School, the home district will provide transportation or compensate parents for their cost of transporting their child to school. For more on what St. Paul School can offer visit the school’s Facebook page for St. Paul School Salem or the website at www.stpaul.k12.oh.us.

This week will be a very special time for the St. Paul School family. Celebrated will be Catholic School Week. As noted in our front page story last Sunday (available at salemnews.net), a full schedule of activities is planned. It all began yesterday with a Winter Carnival. Circle next Sunday on your calendar. Held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. will be the annual spaghetti dinner cooked by school alum Frank Zamarelli, family and friends. The always delicious meal is sponsored by St. Paul Home and School Association. In between will be plenty of opportunities for families to become exposed to the St. Paul experience.

“Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed.” That’s the theme that St. Paul School Principal David Pancurak is stressing. “We want the community to know we’re here,” he said. Residents should because the school is such an important aspect of what makes our fair city such a wonderful place to live and raise children.