Looks like winter finally has arrived

It’s not going away anytime soon is it? The wintry weather, that is. So much for all the mildness we had late year right into 2019. That little snow icon weather people attach to daily forecasts is firmly embedded from today through at least Tuesday. Single-digit lows were called for today, Sunday and Tuesday. Highs will average just 25 degrees for the near future. And, yes, expect more snow too.

All that with the many inches of slowly-melting and then refreezing and then slowly-melting — well, you get it — snow pack that we have been dealing with since our 10-inch snowstorm last weekend.

Yes, it sure did take Old Man Winter a while to get going this season. But he apparently isn’t going away soon. Something we noticed this past week was many people taking it upon themselves to help clear away the snow and ice. We saw that late Sunday morning as soon as Harper was finally waning. Granted it obviously benefits those shoveling. But those efforts help all of us. Just ask your mail, newspaper carriers and other delivery people. We saw people helping each other out with shoveling and pushing stuck vehicles out of high snow. Even if they were strangers to each other.

Of course there are many residential sidewalks still uncleared. Sometimes there are reasons such as elderly and physically-restricted residents unable do it themselves. Face it, too — who is going to bother shoveling out sidewalks in front of vacant and abandoned buildings? But others seem to be plain lazy. Our town seems to have many of those kinds of people. That is really too bad. Compounding non-cleared walkways is knowing that some school kids have to walk in the streets due to untreated sidewalks. We have seen it ourselves more than once this past week. That could result in tragic consequences.

So for those have been responsible about clearing their pathways, please keep it up. The street crews for the city and those for surrounding areas have done very good jobs at keeping roadways clear. ODOT has done a fine job. Same with independent plow workers and shovelers taking care of local businesses which only makes sense: why leave your walk non-shoveled and dissuade would-be customers from coming to your business?

Yeah, we are in late January now. But spring is still two months away. Extended forecasts are calling for a good share of snow and frigid temps. The more of us pitching in to do our own parts – including the lazies — the better the rest of winter will be for all of us.