Broken system to blame for Mount Carmel deaths

Lawyers have convinced ten former colleagues of Dr. William Husel that they can win a lawsuit in which they are defending Husel’s actions in the deaths of 25 patients of Mount Carmel Health System in Columbus.

According to nine nurses and a pharmacist formerly employed by Mount Carmel, Husel, who has pleaded not guilty to murder in the patients’ deaths, was wrongfully terminated and defamed. They say the charges against Husel, 25 Mount Carmel nurses and three pharmacists are destroying those people’s “lives and livelihoods,” and have no merit.

They are certainly outliers in this case, as the hospital system, the Franklin County prosecutor and the state attorney general agree Husel was committing a crime when he prescribed lethal doses of medications. Further, the hospital’s investigation yielded enough evidence for it to pursue disciplinary action against the others, for their action (or inaction) in administering those lethal doses.

In fact, even the former employees who believe they can win this lawsuit admit the doses Husel prescribed and others helped to administer were so high, they caused hospital executives to panic when they saw the numbers.

It is true, doctors, nurses and pharmacists need to have some discretion in carrying out their jobs. That is, indeed, in the best interest of patients.

But at least 25 questionable deaths combined with the kinds of doses Husel was handing out mean SOMETHING was broken in the system that allowed it to happen.

Despite what might be said by lawyers hoping to cash in on the situation, Mount Carmel and other officials were absolutely right to do what they felt would fix it.


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