Be on the guard against future Harvey Weinsteins

Harvey Weinstein may be going to prison for a long time. Good. His years of victimizing women should be punished.

Last week in a New York courtroom, Weinstein was found guilty of rape and sexual assault against two women. He is to be sentenced, to as long as 29 years in prison, on March 11. He faces similar charges in California.

For many years, the powerful, wealthy film industry executive got away with preying on young actresses and those aspiring to careers in entertainment. That has come to an end.

But what of the other evildoers involved in the situation? The men and women in the entertainment industry who knew about Weinstein — but did nothing to stop him?

Will the #MeToo movement stop with Weinstein? Will he be considered enough of a sacrifice to divert attention from his enablers?

Let us hope not. If crimes were committed by those who knew about Weinstein but did nothing, they should be prosecuted. If their offenses did not rise to the level of crimes, they still should be punished by others in the entertainment industry.

Will that happen? Not if history is any guide.

And that means there will be other Harvey Weinsteins in the future.


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