Being inventive can be hazardous

There is a reason “Yankee ingenuity” is recognized throughout the world. We Americans have a reputation for identifying challenges and devising ways to overcome them.

Use your head if you decide to come up with a home remedy, a way to stretch supplies such as those of food — or any other challenge to which you think you have a solution.

You may have seen reports that an anti-malaria drug, chloroquine, shows promise in battling COVID-19. Just a few days ago, a man and his wife living near Phoenix, Arizona, decided to try it.

They found some chloroquine phosphate, a substance use to clean fish tanks. They ingested some of it. He died. At last report, she was in critical condition.

The list of potential side-effects of ingesting chloroquine phosphate is a mile long. Several of them are life-threatening. Online medical advice websites warn against using the substance for any reason, except with the advice and supervision of a doctor.


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